2.2 yrs kid and prolem with food

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hariseenu 2009-07-13 15:57:12


Hi All,

A very good to all.

My daughter is 2yrs 2 months now.Till one month she was having all kinds of food.

Now suddenly her prorities changed.She is not opening mounth for any kind of foof.

Most of the time she wants milk.I satrted giving her Pediasure from 1 week.

Afternoon lunch ,with very great difficulty she will have very little rice with curd or Rasam.Night she is not having that also.She is having some fruits ,which is good news for me.But no breakfast..nothing.

I am trying for different things,still she is very reluctant and starts crying.

Please advice on how to improve her apitite and her food habits,





 Former member 2009-07-14 13:48:24


She might be having worms, pls. de-worm her after every 6 months and also start giving zincovit tonic.


cuty 2009-07-14 16:59:47


Hi shaarav's mom

Pls tell me how to de-worm  and from when can we start de-worming the kids.


swadish 2009-07-15 10:49:34


Hey, I have a same problem with my son who is 2 years i month. I have tried deworming him, consulted a doctor as well, but nothing is working....And for him its been a while now he is into this habit of not eating.

Let me also know if somethign works for your daughter. All the best! I can understand how tough it is as I am experiencing the same for quite some time now...

By the way, there is only one medicine, Zentel usually given for de-worming. It is a one dose medicine given to kids after they turn 1 year with a interval of 6 months. For 1 year, the dose is divided into 2.



geethsrk 2009-07-15 11:46:10



Infact I went through the same situation with my son for almost a year and a half. He would drink milk all the time and take only chappathi and fruits. No rice. No vegetables.Meal times were such a struggle and it was quite stressful.

I used to let him watch Barney or Cars movie and feed him. He would eat a dosa or a chappathi. And kids usually know how much is enough for them. So I never force feed him.

I gave him egg, intially he would eat a few pieces then he started having a full egg. And the biggest change was to STOP FEEDING BOTTLE and introduce straw glass for milk. He refused milk in that glass and he started taking food. He refused food for a few days also. But I persisted and never gave him the bottle. Then he started taking rice and everything. These days I struggle to make him drink milk. He prefers to eat rather than take milk.

Also since he likes his dad a lot, he would eat anything his dad eats. That way I encouraged him to take chicken and now he wants chicken for every meal. :) Obviously I dont give him chicken everyday.

Another change we did was to cook the same meal for all of us and eat together. I would feed and eat from the same plate. So when he saw the whole family eating he started eating too.

Giving orange or sweet lime juice seems to make them hungry. I noticed that whenever he eats orange or drinks sweet lime he tends to feel more hungry and eat properly.

There are still days when he refuses food. I either dont bother or give him his favorite food like poori which he loves. Sometimes he eats poori for 3 meals.

I also show him when I cook or make juices. I keep talking to him telling him how I cut onions, add to tava, add water blah blah and show him the cooking at a safe distance. I would show him how I peel orange or make juice. (My kid when it comes to safety he is much more conscious of it than us so I am comfy with him in the kitchen. I dont advice u the same)  And tell him something funny about orange or talk abt the colour of it. I also take him shopping with me when we go buy veggies n fruits. I let him choose what he wants to buy. Get him invovled and you can see the change. Intially they wouldnt bother and slowly they will also start playing the game. Understand and also come up with some new things they observe.

The food preferences change over a period. So it makes sense not to fret much. I dont have biscuits at home I only buy once when he asks 10 times.  I dont store chocolates at home. No sweets, icecreams and snacks. We buy when we really really need it. And it helps that there are no shops close by.

I used to give him a kitchen set and he would play with it for hours together. And at his playschool they reinforce the importance of food and so that helps too.

With my kid he wouldnt eat if there are any guests or other kids at home. So I have fixed meal times and I dont encourage anyone to be around when he eats. I also make him run or cycle to increase his hunger. Some kids eat when guests are around.

First as a mom, we need to relax and look at it from a different point of view. They have phases and things change. Understand your kid and adjust the sorroundings and  give them their food. It makes such a huge difference. Also show a lot of excitement over food. In a very enthu tone tell him "know what we ar going to have dosa, moru moru dosa with ghee and oil. amma is making a special one for u". Get excited for every small thing they catch it over a time. He would come and ask u for that moru moru dosa.

Their taste changes after a while. They might like it sweet or spicy. My son changed from sweet to spicy food now. These days my son comes and tells me he is hungry and he wants kozhambu for his dosa (refuses to eat with sugar). I cant believe my ears at times!!!

Its also a little more struggle to feed boys. I make him play or watch tv or read a book and feed him.


swadish 2009-07-15 12:13:06


Thanks Geetha for such a nice response. Nice to see you managing it so well.

All this while, feeding my son had been a challenge. In fact, today morning he refused to have breakfast. I finally gave up. Well, sometimes I feel myself at guilt because of not able to give much time to him as I am working. And his eating habits make me really miserable as everything follows after his meal time ends and that lasts for atleast 2 hours . I try different things for him everyday so that he eats. He eats for a while but then starts playing with the food. He never asks for food.

I tried couple of times eating together, but it is not so effective in a way that he either wants to get down from table after a while or starts playing with the food.

While I am cooking, he is mostly with me in the kitchen, playing with utensils. If I give him a dough to play with, he wants rolling pin and all other things I use, and then it becomes hard for me to cook. I try making his meals in front of him, but that also doesn't seem to work...

I let him play while I am feeding him but he is so alert that his other hand is always there to stop me. All this causes lot of frustration in me and results in things getting more worst.

I do not cook separate food for him now, stopped his sipper too. Surprisingly, he was never fond of milk, so just takes 1 glass in a day. At day care, he doesn't eat, it is either - 1/2 chapati in a day or 1/2 bowl of curd rice.

The last option now I am going to try is to just try feeding him for 15 mins and then give up till he asks himself. But I am still not prepared for it as I know he would never ask for food 


geethsrk 2009-07-15 14:42:38


I have been there and gone thru the same. Wait patiently and it changes after a few weeks or months. Dont give up trying. Keep offering and he is bound to turn it down but dont stop it. I had the same issue from 1.5 yrs to 2.5 and now he is better. Took me lots of time. I quit since he refused to eat food from others.

Boys generally are so very different from girls when it comes to food and play. Their food habits take a while to get alrite. Encourage him and give him a lot of appreciation even if its a few peices of chapathi.

Give them variety something would interest him and he would suddenly start eating better. I used to check websites upon websites to understand why my son wont eat and how to make him eat better.

Consult a doc if he is refusing food a lot. They might give him some tonic to increase hunger. I am not too sure. Most of the docs I consulted would say he will eat if and he is hungry. Its taken a year for my son to take 3 meals a day.

He needs to spend energy to get hungy and eat. I have noticed it with mine. So I make sure he walks/runs for atleast 30 mins. Some kids wil have loads of energy even if they dont eat anything. Some kids like my sister's son can survive a whole day with just a glass of milk - a very active day with lots of playing and running.

It takes us some time to understand them. Watch them keenly and u can figure it out. Just takes a while. Send him to a playschool once he completes 2.5 and then u will find a huge difference. Trust me. :)

Dont feel guilty. Its not ur mistake and its not his mistake also. I still feel bad that he is not eating vegetables.  We will take this guilt with us to our grave. Relax and have fun with ur kid.


swadish 2009-07-15 14:58:39


Thank you so much for all the suggestions. It make me little stronger and feel much better. In fact, I am getting emotional now :) I was eagerly waiting for your reply.

I will keep trying all your suggestions. Thanks once again.


 Former member 2009-07-15 18:08:20


Hi, I have gone thru the same problem and i think it is common at this age. Their habits keep changing.

I have observed for my kid. Sometimes he is in love with chapatti, sometimes only rice and sometimes he doesn't want any of this but he survives only on snacks. So I try to make stuffy and nutritious snacks which he loves.
Geetha I really appreciate your efforts. I also try to do many things like this - he is with me when I cook, and I keep telling him what I do, how I do and I have seen he has developed interest in cooking. I heard him telling his papa and grandma how to cook...
Now he has started eating himself, try to do less mess ...manage with the spoon ... :) We prefer to take dinner together so he can see how we eat, and then he follows us. But sometimes when guests are at home he behaves differently...he doesn't eat food or eat less.
My kid loves milk all the time. So I have fixed the timings for milk so he will be hungry for meals and eat properly. I had never given him milk with sugar and so he does not like now if I mix sugar in milk one day.
Try this also...if you try to give them food in attractive manner like chapatti in different shape or colored rice (with saffron or sauce), stuffed dosa, idli in shapes.
You will have to change and adjust with the kids habits :)

swadish 2009-07-16 12:16:51


Sure, thanks for all the suggestions. I have already started few things. I am sure things would improve.



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