My son food issue

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Aisha180219 2023-10-08 12:46:50


Hello all My son is 4.5yrs old. He has neurofibromatosis typ-1. He fractured his left tibia when he was 9 months old . No external injury. Since then he was always in a State of trauma. Since then he had convulsions most of the time he ate . he never ate solid food always a smooth stuff but even then there was always a risk of vomits. So this continued along with his surgeries and till date it's has been 3.5 years and still he is afraid of eating solid food as it might lead to convulsions. He never chews the food. We tried to provide him all sorts of activities which help him understand that it's safe and he can use his teeth but still he is unable to control and overcome the vomits. Sometimes he blocks the vomit by sealing his mouth with his hand and in the mean time he tries to Push the food down his throat. Not sure how to overcome this. Regards Aisha begum


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