I need to diagnose my KID for ADHD

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Namste All,
My kid is 3.5 years old. He started speaking few words when he was 2 years old. Now he is able to speak both English, and native language Oriya. He could speak length sentence with some mispronunciation.Like he pronounce "r" as "l".

I started seeing difference when he was 6 months old. Except his parents he will never go to anyone. He cries loudly . Most of the time he will be crying. Happy sometime only. he was with my extended family since he was 1 year and 9 months for a period of 1 year 3 months. There also he prefer his parents. Never go to anybody happily . In fact he always like to stay with his mother if not then father. never allow anybody to help him things like changing dress , feeding him. Even he doe snot like if somebody touches him. Most of the time he is agitated and irritated . very difficult to make him happy. Now also when he is 3 years 6 month old not liking to go anyone. even does not talk to anyone even he understand and know the answers. Let me point out my observations as below:
1. Most of the time agitated, angry , crying for something or other.
2. His excitement increases when he visit any of my friend. He jumps and jumps without any control. Pulls, beat climb on my friend. never listens any social behavior.
3. he is studying in montessori 1. Its been 4 month in school. teacher always says all good. No complain.
4. At home never sit at one place, Never try to do anything which requires some concentration like  singing Rhyme, Goingthrough some book etc.
5. Always want somebody must play with hi. If we play then we can make him engaged.
6. Seems always full of energy. Even after playing 2  hours he wants to play more.
7. Not learning or able to understand   social etiquette.
10. His wording, behavior always rough.
11 very very  very shy . never talk to people and always want hide behind his parents.
12. Could not  play with other kid. Some time it will end up in a fight .
13. Never go sleep willingly.
14. Always angry and cry when woke up after sleep.
15. He is very very persistent about what he demands . Will be demanding for something for long but when given will not use it for long.
16. It feels like he is restless most of the time.

I did visit a doctor . he diagnosed him for ADHD and told wait for few more years. I need to confirm if it is ADHD or something else . What kind of therapy can be given to him so that he would talk to people and doe snot feel shy.

Note. As a father I feel most of the symptoms I have in me. This could be genetical . But as I understand there is some problem If I could help in anyway he should be going through what I had gone through and also I am going through now somewhat.

Hope somebody would go through my post and have some replies.
I am staying Bangalore, Koramangala.


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