Manage preschooler at home

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124578 2021-07-14 12:19:00


Hi, I am working mother and online class started for my 3.5 years old son...I had to put him for online class as don't have any other options available currently...He is a pampering child and taken us as granted and difficult to manage his online classes as he has not gone to school before and doesn't show much interest...Being a working mother, don't have much time to grab his attention and make him sit for quite some time.. Seeking your advise to manage him and have work life balance..Any sort of advise is really helpful and appreciated... thank you

hari0210 2021-07-15 22:44:04


Hello mam,

try to engage the boy with educational toys, so that boy can learn while playing and he will not disturb parents much. Educational toys are available online like Amazon, try to take out time for the kid whenever possible so that he is not missing parents frequently. Honestly kids need parents presence till 6-7 years of age to learn.


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