Pre KG admission in a playschool or big school

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smitra 2020-12-27 12:10:32


My son will be 3 years old in February 2021 and I want to know will it be feasible to put him in a big school for PreKG or should I put him in a preschool for nursery and try for LKG in 2022. As I am confused for this ongoing pandemic what would be the best option for my kid. 

21229 2020-12-29 17:36:01


Hey I think u should put him to a montersary school and not a big school as in my experience kids get more attention when studied in a small school than a big one before class 1

Meenu30 2021-03-31 22:50:43


But I think ur wrong
coz I€™ve took my elder daughter to preschool though they were good in taking care the kid will only get daycare attention more rather than preparing them self for the 12 yrs school journey suddenly when you take them to big school at 1st they will have hesitations 
but my second daughter I enrolled her directly to big school from prekg she is more confident and strong than her sister 

Meenu30 2021-03-31 22:56:26


Since it€™s pandemic only online classes will be there , big school is best 
1.securing a good campus seat in Chennai is a great task 
2. Your kid once affix will small campus later may hesitate big school 
3. Big school approach always classy and professional, coz pre-school frequent maids change ( money /salary and attitude problem)
4. Kids lag compared to big school trained once , potty training, slow writing , low creativity, low confidence level


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