Speech delay

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Roh1987 2020-07-12 19:56:25


hi my son is 4.5 year old he is not speaking he speak only single words such as Pam for water ,bye bye, gu nyt, dadu, papa, etc he speak all alphabet counting from 1 to 20 he speak with poems he is addict for mobile phones please tell me about senior doctor for this problem in Chandigarh thanks rohit

Advidhruv129 2021-02-16 09:34:33


Hi... first thing you should have to keep mobile away from him and also stop using mobile in front of him. Try to tell him my mobile got broken like that... Second thing you should have to spend some time with him. And tell him like whenever you want water don't show your pam ask me "wawa" like that. Tell him like Everything u should have to ask with ur mouth don't show me signs. You guys also act like you won't understand stand his signs until he speak himself a little little words. Everyday Try to learn some new words to him. U juz follow these things definitely he will improve himself.


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