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 Former member 2019-12-05 19:48:25


Hello parents, My child is very sharp and recite everything whatever we teach him. Problem is we got complaint from school that he is not sitting in one place, disturbing others n not responding to their calls. So his doctor suggested to put him in any outdoor activity. He also happily goes to game n school. Now they r complaining that he is babbling anything and biting his nails n not writing anything in worksheet. He does his writing work at home after only pressuring him but teaching him orally is not a issue. He is studying in LKG. Plz help us what to do.

bhavya1 2019-12-06 15:04:25


Hi Please get an evaluation from neurologist/child psychologist to rule out ADHD/ASD as a firststep

Itskb 2019-12-06 15:32:48


There is a WhatsApp group for parents of children with special needs. You can ask all your questions there. 

The support group helps members connect and share information, advice, tips, inspiration and education. Most of all, it helps them belong to a community that understand their needs and not feel at a loss. Because together, no one is alone. 
Pls connect to join and/or share forward.  Anyone who is differently abled or has a family member who is, is welcome.


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