Stay back in India or come back to USA for my kid

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Sandy2215 2019-10-18 21:14:33


Hello Everyone,
I am also in same boat like most of you guys experiencing now. But if someone can provide your thoughts on my issue that will be helpful.
I am in little confusion whether to go back to India or stay back in USA.
My kid is 2 year 5 months old now and we were in California USA when our kid was born and did not see any major issue until he turned 1 year. He used to make good eye contact and used to involve in all activities. But due to my job change (H1B) I moved to Chicago and we kept our kid in Day Care when he was 1 year 4 months, after sending to Day Care we got complaints your kid is not reacting to his name. We are in impression that he is not interested to go and not react.(He plays with kids only limited games not all & make good eye contact & dont like to go with any new people) but after sending 2 months we got same issue from different day care then we realized there is some issue and need to be taken care of kid by US only & we are also impression since there is no one in Chicago for us the social activity is also zero level & my kid is not interested.As most of you know Chicago is one bad city from weather perspective and interaction with people will be very less. Then I have decided to send him to India so he can have good time and also will have social Interaction with many people and get adjusted.My wife and kid went to India when my kid had 20 months. Then later we decided to take him to Pediatrician and Child psychologist because he used to talk very less words when he was 20 months & always likes to run and go out and play outside and dont like to stay at home also. After getting evaluated psychologist from Rainbow confirmed there is chance of Trades in developmental delay but too early to say and suggested for OT, BT,Speech Therapies. We decided to send him to all 3 since Pinnacle in Hyderabad was near to US and used to send him everyday day. Days goes on we see some improvement from both Behavioral and OT and very less improvement in Speech but we were happy because he started saying single words and pointing things if he wants at least to my wife and her sister & brother. After 6 months therapy we decided to have check up with Kalyan Chakravarthy child psychologist who is good one in Hyderabad, India & by now my child is 2 yrs 5 months. After taking him Doctor diagnosed him and confirmed there are trades of Autism which is 20% and wanted to stay back for 7 months more and get treated in India & can be looked in after 7 months what to do next.

While coming back to my question, I am in USA now & planning to go back to India so I can take care of businesses which we have and spent some quality time with My family & based on current H1B Criteria for Consultants like us it very hard to stick for one place and need to change projects in USA, but wanted to know from you guys based on your experience will it be good decision based on current situation and thinking about my child career like (Therapy wise, Any ABA therapy and other variety ways in India when compared to USA) & also school for Kids in Hyderabad,India to any city in USA. I am also little tensed to bring him back because I am not sure how to reacts after coming to USA. 

Any of your inputs will be greatly appreciated.


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