violent tendency in toddler

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autistic 2019-09-29 23:15:27


My elder son is 2 years 10 months old. He has had developmentals delays in motor activities and speech as well but he has picked up now. Although he is not clear in speech as he cannot pronounce some letters like "ka" and "ga".We have another son who is 5 months old. From the day he is born, the elder one seems to show his aggressive side and never misses an opportunity to beat, shove and bite him. Initally we thought it is jealous behavior and it'll go away on its own but not happening. He hits the younger one any time he sees us, even in front of us. We have tried to explain and advise him not to do, scolded him and also spanked him but nothing seems to be helping. This violent tendency is really worrying factor and we're clueless about how to stop this behavior. 
If the younger one is sleeping, he'd go and lie on top of him and wake him up. We have tried to employ different methods to change his behavior in vain. He also enjoys violent acts like hitting parents when he is riding bicycles, throwing things like remote or any other things. He even broke my laptop. I also noticed he hitting other kids as well.  He sucks his hands all the time if he is not doing any activity or he is asked to do some activities which need some thinking. He doesn't play with other kids as he doesn't seem to understand the rules of the game and lack social skill. I don't see him as ADHD as he can be made to sit in one place if he is engaged with the activity he likes. He has a lot of attention-seeking behavior, cries hard for anything he wants something or to seek attention even when it is not necessary. If he wants something, he'll make a fuss with crying and never asks without crying. If admonished, he'll ask sorry but does it again in few mins nevertheless. It has become a difficult task to control his behavior. Any suggestions to overcome these behavioral issues? Any therapy that helps him? Does homeopathy work for these issues? Diet restrictions? We have recently avoided extra sugar as he likes sweet a lot.  I live in Bangalore. 

74julian 2019-10-19 04:27:26


HopHi.. Not all what you said, but MOST of things matched, with my kid, when he was of that age. Now my kid is 4.2 and now it's just a couple of things do match up with my kid. So, what do you get out of what I said. Well, what I am trying to say is that you have to do some serious stuff here. First off, get the focus off from your kid, now being it's done, you get back your focus, have some faith, do some anger management, build up a very very good patience level. Carry a ton load of love. And now you being armed ready for the missionPOSSIBLE. Task number 1: No matter what, never ever spank him at this age. No eye harsh faces or eye goggling with anger. Take out his insecurity towards his sibling and Make him understand. No harsh speaking or yelling, at any point of time. Task 2: Now as task 1 is under process, tackle the attention seeking issue. Believe me it's a very good sign, but he's unable to communicate. Make him understand that he has to earn (attention) by doing something worth, like saying a rhyme, doing a drawing etc. Tell him people around him, who loves a lot will feel hurt and sorry by his act of hitting, throwing things, yelling at, unreasonable crying to get things done his way. Now about the language / pronouncing, I believe it's not a issue at this age, but it'll be in later life. Try to teach him singing, slow and steady. Socializing? Just leave it. He'll get it sooner or later. Not a issue. Don't force him. Task 3: Give alot off love and care. Don't talk to him negatively. Train yourself to be calm, even if you're going like nuts. Spend quality time him often. Sometimes let him be in a corner with whatever he likes to do, except colouring the walls. There's a lot to share and talk. But I've to go it's 4 morning. Have faith. Things will work out. What I am trying to say is: Usually all the kids will outgrow this. With lots of love and care. Hoping you like to know more. PS: Things won't change overnight.


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