Pre-schooler issues

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Mommytime 2019-02-15 15:40:39


My Child is in Nursery. He has a good grasping power. He is just like a normal kid at home, a naughty and chirpy child but in the school he is total opposite.
He doesn't talk to anyone and behaves as if he in not interested in class.
He doesn't reply to questions even if he knows everything by heart.

His teacher has asked me to consult a child phycologist.
Is this something i should be worried about?
Any help will be appreciated!

SAtul 2019-02-20 16:40:54



a question : 
# since how long is your child going to the nursery ? 


Mommytime 2019-02-20 21:30:35


He joined in April last year.


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