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ash3 2018-03-19 21:49:18


My son had speech delay and is very hyper. And finds its difficult to socialise with kids of his age. Although he speaks in sentences..and is smart academically.. Are there any bangalore based play groups. With parents who r facing similar problem How do I overcome this problem :(

Savasachi43 2018-12-16 23:22:47


Hello ash3 r u continuing esha's homeopathy medicine? How long it is now? Pls share ur experience.. Her YouTube videos are really promising.. And the children are looking very normal in her clips..based on ur review we started medicine.. It's been 25days now.. Pls let us know..

ash3 2019-03-11 23:47:16


Hi  Savasachi43 

sorry for the delay 
I have been using eshas homeopathy from last 2 years.
There has been improvement in my son 
he talks longer sentences now . able to converse in mother tongue and english and able to write 
but do give homeopathy daily as mentioned 

have a routine .. 
I am also trying giving my son omega 3 rich foods like fish, spinach .. 
i include paneer eggs veggies in his diet 
Also avoid packet food 
frozen food as they r high in sodium  
try to keep whole food as much as possible in his/her diet.
u can reach out to me at


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