How do I improve my son's interest towards maths

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Thennam 2018-03-11 06:42:10


Hi All,

My son is around 4 years. I want to improve his maths skills through some games, activity..etc . Could you please guide me ? 

RoshMom 2018-03-11 08:38:03


Hi Thennam, If children are taught to associate real life situations with math, they will easily pick it up. Use as many games as possible. Check this link for some fun activities that I posted years ago. Hope this helps.

Thennam 2018-03-11 17:25:32


Hi RoshMom,

Thanks for the suggestions. Could you please share the link, in your previous post the link is not shared. 

ketankokil 2018-03-11 22:43:48


Very firstly Thennam, Math is something which is related to the Logical skills & each individual has its own interest in different areas.

Please don't expect anything at this moment as your kid may have varied interests. At this moment just give him enough opportunities to explore the real world with his interests.

May be art, culture, music drawing or anything. Don't assume that for a good career Math marks is gateway.



Thennam 2018-03-12 07:19:56


Hi Ketan,

Thanks for the suggestion. I completely agree with you. I am not forcing him Math. Just wanted to introduce him Math through some games. If he is not showing interest then I won't force him. 

RoshMom 2018-03-12 10:17:44


My bad .. I forgot to add the link. Here is the link..


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