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 Former member 2010-09-17 11:22:27



my son is in lkg in a cbse school. he is getting homework every day from school -one page for writing either alpahbet or a numbers. the school is only for 3 hrs.

what is the practice with other schools?pl share




Srihamsa 2010-09-17 11:46:37


 Try and change the school asap - it does'nt matter what other schools do but what this school does is detrimental to your child's growth for sure.



goodmom 2010-09-17 12:41:20



My son also goes to lkg. He gets HW twice a week, on wednesdays and Fridays. But they give 3 pages of work on Wednesday and 4 pages on Friday. The work book has to be returned the next working day. He gets English alphabets on some days, math numbers sometimes, and hindi alphabets on other days.

But his teacher has told us that its not necessary to complete the entire HW given, but only as much as possible.

I usually sit with my son and make him write until he says he's tired. When he says so, I make sure that I don't push him to write more. Sometimes he doesn't even complete one page, but I leave it at that.

I think you should confirm with his teacher if they mean for him to complete the entire work in time. If not, I think it should be fine. Just go with your sons moods and encourage him to do the work like a game. If the school stresses on deadlines for HW at such a young age, I think you should try out some other school.


 Former member 2010-09-17 13:17:47


Srihamsa & others,

I have been pondering for quite sometime over study for pre-primary class ( LKG-UKG) and just wondering How much is optimal.  I don't think 1-2 page homework daily is bad  as long as  child is doing it with li'l bit pressure ( assuming  they will never like it over play).

   My child's school doesn't give him too much homework and I feel that they should be given 1 page homework daily. I generally make him do some activity, reading, writing for atleast 15-20 minutes as I don't want him to slog in 1'st std. I have seen that kids are being taught so much suddenly in 1'st std and its kind of a steep curve for them.  

My thinking is as long as they have been given good time to play, sleep , 1-2 page homework doesn't harm, but it benefits them. May be my aim is to change school 1'st std onwards and I want him to fair well in entrance. 

I would like parents to give their opinion for How much to push, when enough is enough? I sometimes push him as I feel  they will not be ready on their own ever ( who wants to study ;)  ) and I have realised that if something comes in my son's regular routine, he is ok. I do need to put some efforts initially to motivate him.

        Generally , me and my husband both sit with him during this time n keep on having our laugh-burster to make it jovial but sometimes I do pressurise him for which I feel guilty later.






alsu 2010-09-17 15:05:38


hi.. my daughter is also in LKG CBSE school.. she also gets HW daily.. either numbers or alphabeets. full page she has to finish for the next working day.. on fridays they send the workbook were she has to write and color the pics along with the fourlined note book or numbers note book.. only one day she will not have any HW. they insist on completing. my daughter likes to write but sometimes she doesnt even want to open her note.  the class teacher also sees how correctly they write.. the letters should touch the bottom line which is the very difficult thing....

even i felt it is more.. for LKG itself if its like this i cant imagine of the years to come..

once they get used to it i think they wont find it difficult in higher class...


 Former member 2010-09-17 15:47:56


My daughter goes to an ICSE  school....and surprisingly she has not been given any HW till date.Shee brings worksheets ( generally colouring) to home which are already done in class.Also , once in a while reacher also sends a notenook ( alphabets & numbers) which she has practiced in class.I just need to sign that and return.No HW as such....I am quite surprised and actually worried to know that other schools are making kids do so much already....i gues  i will have to start taking her lessons at home more often :)


goodmom 2010-09-17 16:10:45


I feel that as long as children are not forced to learn, its alright. Even they begin to enjoy work if its not forced. But unfortunately, our education system does not work like this.

I wish there would be a change in this approach to education.


Srihamsa 2010-09-17 16:41:07


 1. Schools refuse to treat children as children and treat them as machines to be kept in 'good' running condition. A child will learn what it wants to learn, no matter what you do or don't do. Writing alphabet, numbers, cursive writing (which is a bane since no one uses it ever), etc are not in the children's interest. If anything, writing, forced on the child, in any form (whether you call it homework or something else) only hampers the growth of the child to his/her full potential.

2. Language is learnt based on a need. There is something called Universal Grammar that any linguist worth his salt would know. Language is not learnt by writing alphabet. It is learnt through expressions in the forms of poems, stories, dialogues, letters, etc. (discourses). The acquisition process of language is the same outside the classroom as well as inside. You simply cannot force the child to acquire mastery in a language by beginning writing in LKG.

3. Finland tops the world in education, across several surveys. Children begin KG by age 7 and rapidly move up during the years 10-16. Writing at age 4 will sound like other worldly to them.

4. Most teachers at KG level have no clue about the nature of a child or about how the human brain works. For them, to satisfy parents, the child should be seen to be 'working hard'. Hence, this obsession with homework. A happy child doing something on his /her own is seen to be a dull or wayward child. In fact, it is the opposite.

5. Children are far too smart. Soon they will figure out a way to cheat parents to escape from what they dont want to. The meek ones will pretend to do what the parents think they should be doing, but will lose respect for parents over time.


6. As for preparing for "entrance", we have seen so many changes in the last few years. Ten or 12 years later, who knows what norms will exist? Maybe the best of the world universities will have campuses here. Maybe the whole college education can be done thro videos or some other technology. It is simply far too away in future to take any call. In any case, how does one know if the child wants to take "entrance"? BTW, even now, entrance has gone beyond any school to coaching classes in Kota and Hyderabad. School is irrelevant.  

In short, let the child be. In most cases, whether 4 pages or 1 page, homework at LKG level is detrimental. Luckily, there are schools that don't believe in home work even in class 5. 



alsu 2010-09-17 17:42:06


every mother speaks about the change in the education system.. but the government educations department only shud take steps to improve the present system..

v parents search for the best school and enroll our kids.. these best schools only  pressurize  kids to maintain their reputation. 

what v can do is make HW an happy activity..


Srihamsa 2010-09-17 18:51:35


I think you have a very valid point. There is no escaping schools! However, I would think that if you search hard enough you will find schools which dont pressurize at KG levels. Most of the reputed schools don't do it at that level. Many do pump up in later years.

Alternatively, one can engage the child in several activities besides homework, which may actually stimulate the mind, and offer them on the child finishing the homework. Sort of incentive to complete homework? But this will apply only if there is enough time left after the homework.

Any other way out?


Rubu 2010-09-17 23:10:37


i homeshcool my kids and i generally do give around 1- 2 sheet of HW everyday to my child.. I let her decide the pace.. and i make her do when she is most active .. and she generally does it very fast and if i feel she is doing too slow, i ask her to take a break.

I m scared of HW aspect when i return back to india this year.. so i want my child to be ready to do it..



roses 2010-09-17 23:52:02


rubu - i'm there with you. The world that I live introduces children to counting (1-10)just to prepare them for KG. I am so paranoid of the struggle I will have if we were to move back to India that I supplement his preschool exposure with some at home. The days that he is not in school (M, W & F) he does colorinng and crayons just to prepare him for the HW he will be carrying home one day. I make sure he does it when he is at his active best.



 Former member 2010-09-20 10:52:51


hi alsu,

i agree with you. i know there are some schools which do not give home work at kg levels but they start when the kid is in 1st or some thing..i tgt it is a struggle for the kid to adapt later ..it is better they get adapted to it early .

luckily the school has not started with language yet.


alsu 2010-09-20 14:27:03


yes.. even im happy tht schools have not started language yet.. only in UKG end they have said they will start.. thts also too early i think.. but wat to do?? kids have to learn it..



Shkm 2010-09-21 08:13:56


@easy, I agree with u . A little writing at home per day is not bad provided it is not forced on the child. Anyway, schools and teachers are unable to give as much time individually to each kid so a little practice at home of what is taught in school is always better




hiradhu 2010-09-21 09:54:16


 My daughter gets home work only on weekends. That too sometimes they dont. I feel its good. Kids have to play and there by they learn.. 7pages homework per week IMO is bad..


Chitra 2010-09-22 08:57:06


My daughter is in LKG, she gets homework of maths, english and hindi. English and hindi has to be written within that 4 lines notebook and seperate maths notebook. Revision exam also is there for every 15 days. Its little difficult to make them sit and write. I m just trying to make HW activity for her as simple as possible.


alsu 2010-09-22 10:19:42


hi chitra..

knowing tht ur kid has hw in hindi is little too much... s as u said make it simple and easy.. thts wat v can do...

making kids write inside tht 4lines and making them touch the lines properly is the biggest task..

my daughter also has reviews. but its like quarterly, half yearly and annual exams.. monthly they give some work sheets in class but not considered as tests or exam.

when i was studying cbse schools (in chennai) will not conduct exams still 5th std.. nowadays even for LKG they have...


Shkm 2010-09-22 13:45:16


@Chitra, is ur daughter in CBSE? I think it ICSE schools start Hindi letters in 1st std.




 Former member 2010-09-24 18:22:57


hi moms,

can we share the school details .My son is studying lkg in vagdevi.the school is in marathahalli.


alsu 2010-09-24 20:30:07



my daughter is studying LKG in Navkis Education Centre, Gokula, Mathikere..


hiradhu 2010-09-26 20:07:47


LKG in  NHG. The language (Hindi) has been started but she gets worksheet only on weekend and that too colouring... Writing the letters, they get to do in school and not as homework.



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