My child stammers and its not going

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sonalik 2010-09-13 12:16:49


Signs of stammering first appeared when he was 3 year and one month old.

Its been 5 months now and its just not going. In the beginning there were highs and lows ( few days when it was an absolutely fluent speech with no sign of any stammering at all) but now its prevalant all the time. He however does not stammer when he sings songs or rhymes. Am unable to decide what I should be doing. I do not want to add unnecesaru stress to the 3.5 year old or make him conscious of his speech problem by taking him regularly to the therapist. Pls help... Thanks


srsavi 2010-09-13 12:44:40


Sonali  - I had almost typed out a new thread some days back but then deleted it !

My son who is three now , started stammering when he was 2.3 . He had started talking early and used toi talk well and suddenly started stammering . For some days we were very worried but when I read stuff , I came across articles which said some toddlers do stammer but it becomes fine on its own . 

He was also not stammering all the time but sometimes. Some days were good and some bad . Also he was getting stuck only with the First alphabet , once he got through that he would say the whole sentence in a rush . 

Some 3 months back we took him to a speech therapist for his opinion , he said there is nothing to worry right now  he seems normal and we will just observe for a while . Some tips he gave us :

1) Talk slowly to the child so that even he doesnt get rushed while speaking , I tend to talk a little fast so  he told me to make an effort

2) Pause for a fraction of a second before responding to his Query , do not imemdiatly give an answer - maybe that will make him also think before he talks

3) Do not ask him Questions and put him in a pressure to respond . If you want to as him something phrase it differently , inseatd of asking what "What is this" frame it as "Do you see this picture of a bird"

4) Do not try to complete what he is saying but let him speak fully

The doc said they do nto stammer while singing a rhyme or a spong because they know it by heart  , also our  doc examined him quite naturally he did not eaven understand .

I was also very worried about taking him there initially but felt relieved after I went to the doc.

Most important do not make him conscious - act naturally .

I have been noticing of late that he soemtimes does it purposely so I just tell him talk properly . I will go for a followup visit soon - but meanwhile  lets exchange notes and stay updated .




sonalik 2010-09-13 12:49:38


Hey , thanks for your detailed response. Am relieved a bit . I got your point that he needs to slow down his speed of speech. How old is your child now? It really feels bad to see our kids struggling . I am working and I am filled with the guilt all the more...


sonalik 2010-09-13 12:51:11


sorry , i missed it , you mentioned , he is 3 now.. Thanks


RoshMom 2010-09-13 13:02:16


Hi Sonali,  i was just about to type my comment and srasave gave you the answer.. stammering is not uncommon at this age. My friend's son started stammering around 4 yrs old. The speech therapist she consulted gave exactly the same pointers srsavi has mentioned. My friend's son has outgrown it now.  Your child is still delevoping his language skills. I think he is thinking faster  and not able to get the correct word out. So as srsavi said don't rush and don't try to complete the word he struggles to finish. give all your attention while he speaks. you inform the care takers or daycare or whoever is attending to him the same. Don't worry.


TJ 2010-09-13 13:17:27



I have similar kind of problem with my son.He is 4+ years.He repeats words while


I have already enquired about it in this forum and got good advice from Aanchal.

I didn't go to any speech therepist  as I didn't want my son to get concious .

But as srsavi has mentioned that the doc they went examined the child without the child understanding it,I am thinking I should as well go for one opinion.

Can anyone please help me in finding good speech therepist in Hyderabad/Secunderabad area.




srsavi 2010-09-13 13:45:52


Thats the thought RoshMom with which I also relieve myself that he thinks faster than he can get the words out .

Most of the times people dont realize he is stamnmering because he is a bright lively child , but as I said some days its Bad .  My biggest worry is the school teacher should handle him sensitively otherwise   he will notice that there is something wrong . I think whats important is to not draw too much attention to it , at the same time ensure that we are doing our best to help them overcome this .


teacher 2010-09-25 00:05:29


hi friends,

my son is 9 yrs old and he stammers.we have taken  him 2 3 speech therapit but its been 2 vain.hiss stammering developed thanks 2 a teacher who scared him n ever since he does i am scared as 2  how to deal with it. what more can we do.i am a teacher myself and help others but fail help my own children.that feels o bad.


prakasam 2010-10-07 14:44:11


Dear srsravi,

Can me tell me the contact details of speech therapist?


aanchal 2010-10-07 16:50:40


@teacher: if stammering has been a result of a threatening experience, then a psychotherapist will be of more help than a speech therapist



shivacharan 2010-10-07 17:01:35



Even my son 2.3 yrs old suddenly started stammering very badly 2 months ago. more than the child i knew how painful it is for parent to handle this situation,

But cool as the most of the above said this is common issue in 90% of the children at the agegroup 2 to 3.  99% comes out of this by age goes. The thing is we have to follow certains basic rules as SRSAVI had quoted.

And pls stay cool and never show any expressions on your face while your baby stammers.

Me consulted a speech therapist at Apollo chennai. And only the things i have mentioned was prescribed to me.

No prescription for the child.

Stay cool.



sonalik 2010-10-07 18:42:36


I agree , it feels bad to see the child struggle with the speech especially when it is not seen so commonly , so we keep wondering whats wrong and how do we handle it... We need to be patient as Priya mentioned and not make the child conscious..


bindu27 2010-10-08 06:31:26



  My son too had it when he was around 3 years old. I too like all mothers was so worried bcos of it. I took him to his doctor out here(US) and to her my son spoke perfectly. But she suggested we wait before we take him to any specialist at least for 6 months to be sure of it. She suggested as was written in the mails above to slow down our words cos this is the age that he is trying to understand and get together so many words and try to speak in long sentences. Also she said that in many cases it could be that the childrens thoughts travel faster that their words (Thats good shows that they are creative). Later after watching for 6 months and slowing down our talking a lot, he improved so much that it is not there in him at all. And yes he is very creative though it took us time to find out.... So do not worry... Your son too must be among the creative ones. It will soon go away...Also heard somewhere that learning to sing helps. But will have to verify that....


surabhijolly 2010-10-14 15:49:54




       My son also started stammering few months back he is 2 and a half.....i was so worried ..went to a speech therapist who diagnosed that i was being strict with him day i locked hm in the bathroom..the other day i made him move out of main gate in she asked me to stop all that ..and talk with all my love to  him...wen he stammers jus sit with him and relax him and tell him.."yes..speak ..yes...very good" just to encourage him...dis wil surely help.....


Surabhi Jolly Grover



srsavi 2010-10-18 11:18:09


@prakasam  I sent the details to you in your Inbox.

One more activity that you can try to ease the stammering is to talk to the child rhythematically  and slowly . Maybe read a book for 5-10 daily in a steady pace .

You can use the beats which come in the below site to set a pace ( We keep the rate at 80)

We did notice that it has had a good effect on our son's speech .


kriss 2010-10-22 12:55:02


hi srsavi,

iam in the same ship with my 4 yr old stammering from an year,it was really tough for me to accept his problem ,iam verymuch dissappionted to see the stuff like it cannot be cured blah blah blah.can you please tellme how to talk according to that pace set in that site .do you mean we have to speak a word for a beat?

after reading ur post,i got an you think that joining him in a flute class will help ?he is very fast,sings well,with rhymes he wont stutter.its the same like others,some days he stutters badly,other days he is okay mean very little he stutters like twice in aday.

iam tlaking to him slowly ,taking personal time only for him after school to tell a story .he has a elder brother so its tough to tell or speak alone  to him.i will listen to him till he completes a sentence.did anyone of you went to their school and discussed about this with the teacher.?

does any one knew about this lidcombe program?how to rate the stutter on a daily basis?any other possible methods  ,programs.?please let me know.






veenaamburle 2020-08-11 17:46:11


Hi all parents.. I know this is a very old thread but I found this very relevant. My kid's case is very similar and I need to know if stuttering problem resolved for any of your children without any therapy. I'm sure the kids mentioned here might have grown to nearly teenage. So it would be very helpful to know everyone's experiences with solving their children's speech problems.

DhivR 2020-08-13 14:21:32


Hi , Even my son facing this now....He is about to be 3. Will be grateful if anyone in this thread replies

DhivR 2021-02-09 11:14:20


Hi did ur child's problem went away.pls help my son having same problem

DhivR 2021-02-09 11:14:39


Hi did ur child's problem went away.pls help my son having same problem


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