High Cylindrical and Spherical power of kid 4.5yrs

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Mayank81 2017-10-30 14:49:00



My son is 4.5 yrs old.  He is recently diagnosed with powers in both eyes

right - spherical 1.5 cylindrical 3.5

left - spherical 3 cylindrical 4

I am very worried with the high numbers, does any one has any suggestion or options to reduce these numbers.   I am more worried as he is a very energetic kid and the impact that will have on his day today activities and psychological.

Please advise 

preshesha 2018-03-22 00:58:35


Hi mayank81, I m an optometrist. Ur son has high power in this young age. It may be due to various causes such as hereditary, poor nutrition or diagnosed lately etc. But now u have make sure that he is wearing glasses constantly. Otherwise the power might gets increased. He has to remove his spectacles only during bathing and sleeping. You ensure that he does not shrink his eyes and see after wearing the glasses.if done so, then the eye gets strained and power might increase. Give him vitamin A rich foods like carrot, spinach, meat, fish and egg. Give a try for yogic eye exercises. It might reduce the power a little bit.

12divya 2018-05-07 11:29:41


Hi frnds, My kid is 3 years old. Recently we went to eye hospital and came to know that she has .75sight in both the eyes. I have specs from since 8th class. I am very much worried about her. She is already underweight. But she is so active. She is picking up her weight slowly because I am spending lot of time to feed her. Now I am facing new problem. Is the sight will improve whenever she grows? Is there any chance that sight will decrease. What should I do to stop increasing her eye sight? Plz let me ur tops and suggestions.. I am unable to imagine her with specs.


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