Viral fever from last 2 month( when he started going to school)

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9970046649 2017-08-17 12:55:19


Done Blood test two time. It stops for few days 5-6 days. We changed Dr. But its not working. Please share your experience.

ketankokil 2017-08-17 16:55:03


You have to improvise his immunization, he is getting infected to Viral means his resistance to Bacteria's is very low.

Give him boiled water. Avoid head bath (virus will grow all of a sudden in such ), avoid citrus food (only tomato is allowed). Give 20 glasses of water at least, if he is having cough (wet) then avoid rice. Try to give him more fluids. The virus will pass through urine.

Make it sure, he is not exposed to close room and overloaded with heavy clothes.

Give him as much protein diet as much as you can.




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