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LG17 2017-07-02 16:32:24


Hello everyone

My daughter was born on April 28 2015, will it be okay to get her admission in CBSE LKG for next academic year 2018-19, but my doubt is she will be under aged, when the admission starts in July next year she will has completed 3 years and 2 month if am not wrong.....
SO i need your valuable inputs 

0586 2017-07-11 21:47:06


My son is may 2015 born. Depends on the school on their age criteria. Most schools need 3.5 yrs by march

1117 2017-07-15 16:08:48


Hello everyone My son will be 5.8 years old by next June. We stay in Bangalore. He is studying skg now. When we are going through the schools to join him in 1st class , we came to know that he must be 5.10 years old to join in 1st class ,if not he won't get hall ticket in 10th exam and told to repeat skg again. But in other school they say he can be 5.8 and told he must finish 15 years by the time of SSC exam. This is due to changes Karnataka norms. We are in confusion what to do. Anyone pls suggest some solution...


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