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ash3 2017-06-20 08:13:41


My 3 and half year old Is having delay in speech. He achieved all his other milestone on time. Started with words early. Although his words has increased over time . There is very less of normal conversation that he does. He asks things like " where is papa" And open the door. But does not talk how his age kids are supposed to. I don't how to put this in words. Has Anybody went tru similar problem. Did anyone try homeopathy for this Kindly share ur experience so that it can help me as well

Dhaarini 2017-06-26 11:51:28


Increase your talking to your child. More social interaction can improve him, don't keep inside the closed room. Let him go to the road , park, beach, play gyms, make new friends and talk.

Dhaarini 2017-06-26 11:54:33


Few of our amazing remedies For speech include:

  • NUX VOMICA: Suited for Speech Disorder in adults as a result of overwork, abuse and overindulgence.
  • STRAMONIUM: Most frequently used medicine in Stammering. Difficulty in initiating speech along with bed wetting in violent nature kids and adults. Stammering after episode of acute fear. Words come out with great effort.
  • SELENIUM: Great remedy for Stammering after acute and intense fear. Extreme fear of death. Bad effects of cold air. Fear of crowd.
  • ARGENTUM METALLICUM: Useful remedy for stammering in nervous person who gets extremely anxious during public speaking. Great craving for sweets.
Buy from the local nearby pharmacies. Specify that you are buying for the kid and mention his kid. If possible consult a homeopath and take the medicines. 

ash3 2017-06-26 13:29:38


I just consulted a homeopath. Few days back. And started with medications. Fingers crossed :) I have started taking him out to parks. Spending more time. My only problem is he talks but not like other kids who question a lot. Or talk abt how he feels. He calls me by name if don't respond. Makes attempt to talk to kids. Smiles at other. Says hi to neighbors. Is caring. Shares his toys. Not sure what the problem is. Hope what I m doing now improves his language problem


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