Heat and sun issues

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Parveez87 2017-05-18 04:24:07


hello friends ,

i am currently at my moms place in Ahmedbad , with my 3.5 year old toddler . While we are enjoying our vacation to the fullest I am also worried about the high temperature here. 

We are totally avoiding going outside with him before 5pm. But yesterday had to go for some essential bank work at around 1 pm. Unfortunately we could not find an auto near by and had to walk for like 15 20 mins in the hot sun with my son . I felt so helpless and could not do anything except carrying him as he said he can't walk .. I know he does it all the time...I tried covering his head with my scarf for a while , but he removed it immediately . So now I am wondering how to cool his system. Just after reaching home I washed his hands and legs with cold water and also put water on his head. But apart from that could not do anything else . He did have a loose motion in the same evening . But nothing after that . Now I am feeling guilty of taking him out. 

Please suggest measures to be to be taken after coming back from such heat and sun. . 


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