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mom29 2017-02-13 15:13:10


please suggest me a good speech theripest and occupational theripest in Pune area.
my son is 3 year old. I have start a speech therapy when he is 2.6 year old.  The theripest only discuss with me. He does not interact with my child. Please tell me what will be done in speech therapy session.
is o.t help to solve speech delay problem.

Shibani12345 2017-02-17 16:36:00


Hi, even I am a mother of 3.5 yrs mild autism child. I did my process in Kem hospital. There for OT sarang, for speech Arya anilkumar are good. I have seen lot of improvement in my daughter. The process takes some time.

Ash111 2018-01-02 08:00:53


Dear Shibani , Can you please send me no of Arya Anilkumar.

ramkumarms 2018-01-22 09:42:25


My son is 3yrs 6mnths. He was more into watching Mickey Mouse in mobile from 1.5yrs till 3yrs. So, he was not speaking other than few words. But, his hearing, motor skills nd other responsiveness etc are very normal. We approached speech therapist at 3yrs & she informed to stop all digi gadgets & cartoons completely nd watch for improvement. We then completely avoided those nd found good improvements in him. He now speaks many words, all alphabets, animal etc, tries to sing songs, spk 2-3 words together nd tries to respond to all communication but with less clarity in words. He has not started phrases nd couldn't clearly tell certain words while trying to form sentence. Unfortunately, we are in a multilingual environment with one language at home, other language outside nd english at school. I am now confused should I wait assuming he will be spking normal in few mnths or by 4yrs else to approach speech therapist for speech therapy. My worry is he doesn't have any symbols of even little ASD, but nowadays any delay in speech or anything like this they immediately put it in the category of ASD nd start giving therapy which might even hinder his development. Somebody can guide me, how to go ahead?


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