Need advice on language delay /mild autism

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 Former member 2017-02-08 00:28:28


My 3 year old daughter is not talking. Doctor is guessing mild case of autism and advised therapy.
My daughter can recite many rhymes she has learnt from YouTube and school, she identifies all colors, alphabets, numbers from 1 to 20, shapes etc. However, she would just NOT speak. She only shows by aigns whatever she wants. She will repeat whatever we say. Follows simple commands like come, stop etc. Sometimes doesn't even care to respond to her name.
Visited a doctor today and she advised to do an assessment and start therapy. Kindly advise if any good therapy center in Whitefield, Bangalore. 

Lalli11 2019-03-23 06:09:42


Hi how is your daughter doing plz tell me. I am in the same situation now 


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