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201489 2016-12-16 16:38:55


Hi all parents, I just wanted to clear my doubt about getting an admission for my 2.5yr old kid in playschool nursery or montessori. Now i am planning take an admission in Kidzee for Kg1 and Kg2.At the same time i am confused that if this decision may affect my kids future admission for grade 1. Does the schools prefer or value the kidzee education for future classes. Will there any difficulty to get admission for higher classes.please advice on this.

201489 2016-12-18 23:28:17


Any lead please...

Shubhalaxmi 2017-02-09 17:09:04


hi, it will definitely be difficult getting admission in a good school for grade 1. Most schools take in kids from nursery and if there are any drop-outs mid way, they make fill those seats in grade 1. So its always a gamble for the parents.If you can get the child earlier in to mainstream school, you will spare yourself a lot of agony later in terms of admission there. This is from a mom whose kid has studied LKG, UKG in a playschool/preschool where the system & level of education,individual attention to etiquettes , focus on language was way higher and better than what would have been addressed in other big schools. By God's grace , my kid has got into a good school ..But looking back , I think it was a big risk i took. Eventually, everything has its pros & cons.

todparent 2017-02-17 20:02:59


its true that its difficult to get admission in a good school for grade 1. its safe to get admission in your choice of school in the entry level, be it pre-kg or lkg , depending on the school, My elder son, who finished montessori in the early stages, luckily got into montessori for the next level also. Its going to be an ordeal finding a good school after his 4th grade. In spite of this hardship, I feel Montessori education is the best way for the nursery years atleast. So, I have enrolled my younger one in a montessori and will continue there till he finishes UkG. We will have to wait and see for 1st grade. But its a great risk as has been pointed out earlier.

Gautami1987 2017-02-27 10:43:53


I believe, 3-5 years is the best time for your child's growth and Montessori training builds your child's personality, which will definitely help them survive all through their life. 

Inajus 2017-02-27 13:21:12


As Gautami rightly said child's personality develops very young so giving them the best at that age is very crucial.  For schools with good name they would not really pay attention to those tiny tots.  I am answering as a parent whose child has gone to a good school from Nursery as I feared he would not get admission later, but then I felt sending him to good preschool would have helped much better to cope in higher classes.

harsha79 2017-05-13 20:04:22


Can a child who undergoes early Montessori method of learning ( starting from 2.5 years of age), continue to study until 15 years of age under the same method?
I heard about that Montessori students can take IGSCE exam to be on par with other streams.

Please advice us good schools in South Bangalore. 
Any insights / thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks



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