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Shkm 2010-07-17 06:56:50


Has anybody bought Magic School bus series. How much does it cost and is it useful for 4 yr olds??

roses 2010-07-18 11:41:35


I have some for my son and have just been picking them up to get myself familiar with them. I first came across them in our library and when I checked around quite a few people (american) said that it was through this series that they learnt their basics in science.

They have a younger version series which is meant for 4 year olds - where you can get the child to participate in the reading (with stickers etc). Since I am in US, I cannot be of help on the cost nor the usefulness (since my son is 1.7 yrs old).

Frankly, I think my child can learn all that without this series. I've also picked up some DVD's but I think they are too fast paced for a 4 yr old to get it. The cynicism is not for their age and by the time they get to that level I am sure our Indian kids would have gotten those science basics without the help of these books/ dvd's.



roses 2010-07-18 11:43:33


btw, it is called :

The Magic School Bus (series).

It is more to reinforce learning rather than learning and there are lot better tools (real life) to do this than through this series of book.




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