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Joemom 2010-07-14 12:07:45



My son is 4+ years old. He is very lazy in writing...but when he writes he is good and writing neatly also. For example if the homework given one page to complete..from 7 PM till 9 PM I have to be behind him to start...But he completes within 20 min. Please suggest me to overcome this



aanchal 2010-07-14 14:35:13


its important to know the reasons behind his 'laziness'..does he need similar reminders and naggings in other areas too? is the problem more due to lack of interest in writing? does he find it difficult to understand what and why he needs to write? how is he in his drawings? how about his general dexterity?


Joemom 2010-07-14 15:53:33


Hi Aanchal

Thanks for the reply. I checked with his teacher as well. He is very good in everything apart from this activity. He is interested in paintings and some activities are given he plays atleast for 30 min( eg Building blocks, fish catching ) .





aanchal 2010-07-14 19:42:11


not wanting to write is not a problem in itself..the possible reasons can be:

  • lack of interest in studies in general
  • poor attention skills (attention is different from concentration)
  • poor reading skills (ability to read is a preskill to writing)
  • poorly developed concept of alphabets of a language
  • poor visual motor coordination (which doesnt seem to be the case here, as he writes nicely after sometime)
  • performance anxiety (if adults find too many mistakes in a child's write up he may get anxious when he has to write. similarly, an introvert child hesitates in writing when he gets too much of attention or praise whenever he writes something)
  • strong headed ( a mild term for defiance..he may be experiencing a phase of not wanting to do something immediately after hearning the command)

there could be many other reasons..you need to find out the exact reason before deciding the remedial action


shailajakaranam 2010-07-17 03:32:30


Hi Joemom,

Instead of running behind him to get his homework done, try some little incentives if he completes it fast. Tell him if he finishes fast he would get to watch his favourite cartoon for a longer time etc... You can even tell him everyday he would get a coloured star(RED, BLUE, GREEN) depending on the time he finishes.( for ex, finishes in 20 min he gets red, in 30 min Blue... etc) and end of the week you would count the coloured stars and decide on taking him out to his favourite places( fav joints, icecreams, ride, anything he loves) . This way he will definitely do it faster...

but make sure you keep up the promise!!!!!!!!!

Try it out and c the diff...





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