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Neethi 2010-06-18 14:42:47


Hi Parents,

My son is 4.4 yrs old and is having problem of speech delay.He combines 2 word phrases and tells whatever he wants! He is v active.He started writing by 3.5.But he never plays with other children and loves being by himself.He is fond of two of my maternal cousins but apart frm them he never seems interested in anyone!

He never describes what happenned in school but he is smart and is able to solve puzzles successfully!Iam at my wits end as I can neither tag him as a slow learner nor say that he is accurate for his age.My worry is driving me mad!I had taken him to a child pscychologist who said he requires speech and occupational therapy.Iam giving him both.I would appreciate if parents with a similar problem can share their experiences with me!

pramiladsa 2010-06-23 23:37:09


hi Neethi,

Every child is different ...while one child can go on talking endlessly,  another child may measure every word he talks ...so lets really not classify or bracket these kids.  Before going  to any speech therapist , try and get your son to interact more often...its could be as simple as going for a walk together adn each of you can describe what you see in simple words . get him to talk or describe what he has just seen...encourage him to talk instead of being in his own cocoon of puzzles or books...put on some nice nursery rhymes for him and sing along with him dont just leave him in front of the TV and go do your work...this way you can get him to interact in an ACTIVE way and not just a PASSIVE way..Let him realize that talking can be FUN too....




aanchal 2010-06-24 11:42:33


dear neethi. one word of caution- ' dont tag', whatever be the case. if he is able to do puzzles and can write, i am sure he not a slow learner. (and even if he is, do not label. labels are difficult to remove even when the problem is no more there)

how much do you talk to him? sometimes, we expect the child to talk but forget that its our talking to them that helps them get started. tell him about your day, your experiences, feelings..that will give him a fair idea of 'how' to talk and express. read him stories and ask for his opinion. ask him questions related to stories. as pramila suggested, do not make him listen to lot of rhymes, watch too much tv..these are passive activities and discourage 'talking'.

also keep in mind that talking is directly proportional to social interactions. encourage your friends and relatives to get him talking. but at the same time, when he doesnt respond, refrain from saying anything like 'why dont you answer, say something at least'.

reach him singing..i have seen it is a very good way of encouraging kids to speak..last but not the least, not all kids are very social and talkative. many are reserved and thoughtful may be your kid is introspective and observant. it could be his personality. dont get worried about it a lot.


Neethi 2010-06-24 14:27:33


Hi Pramila,

Thanks sooo much for ur reply.It gave me a lot of moral support and encouraged me 2 be positive.I will try my best 2 b more interactive with my child.Please keep in touch.






Neethi 2010-06-24 14:38:55


Hi Aanchal,

Thanks sooo.. much!As I suggested ur reply has inculcated lot of positive spirit in me!I have read ur writings in Parent tree and had wished for ur reply 2 my query.I was glad that I did!

But what bothers me Aanchal, is the term Autism!I have read about it on net.Do u have any idea when a child is being diagnosed as Autistic and at what age?Please do share ur opinion with me.




pramiladsa 2010-06-24 17:34:41


hi Neethi,

u r welcome!!!!

just thought u had a small nagging doubt abt Autism

Autism encompasses 3 major things:1) childs speech devp if delayed of not 2)childs relationship with other people 3)not able to communicate not making eye contact etc

Having said all this , u r child could have all of this but may still not be autustic

Also remember there is no sure shot way to diagnose Autism. 

Your chilld may  not be able to speak well but so long as he is able to communicate what he wants and get the point across i think its fine.. Speech delay could be attributed to several things , anyone with a speech delay or a child who is an introvert need not be autustic...u get what i am saying.......

Pls remember, YOU ARE HIS MOTHER. YOU KNOW HIM BEST.try and bring out the best in your child. No matter what the world may say or label him, u need to be by his side and encourage him. You have to be PROUD of him

Work towards your goals........in terms of more interaction, more social behaviour etc etc remember be honest to him and to yourself.

I'm  sure you will be proud of him (and of all that u have done for him) one day

Cheers and All the very best











aanchal 2010-06-24 20:11:07


neethi, internet is the biggest source of anxiety in parents these days. you read up about any disorder on a website and u will find so many symptoms in yourself. that doesnt make u ill. similarly, symptoms of autism matching with your son's personality doesnt make him autistic. autism is a very serious and almost incurable disorder. i know u cannot be at ease with its thought in mind. talk to yr son's psychologist about it. she/he will coach you about it.



Neethi 2010-06-25 15:10:31


Hi Pramila,

I feel blessed 2 b exchanging notes with u!I completely agree when u say that being a mother I have 2 b my child's support, no matter what the entire world tags him.

I will definetly work towards my goals!People like u always lighten up dark lives.Thanx once again Pramila...If by my efforts ,my child is showing any improvement, u will b the first person 2 know abt it! Keep in touch!





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