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My son 3.5 yrs. He is complaining of hand/leg ache these days…Is it a calcium deficiency?   He likes milk products and takes regularly. Also all other activities are normal.   Would appreciate your reply   Pritam

mommyash 2010-06-16 16:47:27



my 4.5 yr old daughter complains of the same every once in a while.....sometimes her leg pain gets so bad that she cries at night and is unable to sleep....i just took her to ped a week back...he said that children get rowing pain when their muscles grow...and alos said that this is not medically established.......but since there was no other visible cause of the pain, he called it a growing pain...he also said that sometimes when kids jump a lot....they realise the pain only when they are resting at night.....so cld b that....i used to have same leg pains when i was a kiddo....and they stopped once i was in my teens.......

u can try some calcium supplements other than dairy products......


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Thanks Ashita!

Ya, today I’m planning to visit ped, but thought to have opinion here…b’cos it always helps… I thin kyou are right, he complains mostly at night…     Pritam

mickey 2010-06-16 17:29:40


Hi Pritam and Mommyash,

My daughter who is 3.2 yrs complains the same pain in her legs/hands esp during nights. I too was advised to give her calcium supplement by a ped. I am giving her Calcimax twice a day 5ml regularly for the past one month. She again complained and started crying recently. So I have taken her to a reputed Orthopaedician. She was tested for Calcium , Phosporous , Alkaline phosphate levels and TSH through her blood test. The tests were normal. She had to undergo another test called RA Profile which was normal too.

The doc says it is the bone spurts during nights. Some jerks in the bone  when it grows. As u said Mommyash, it must be the growing pain. Doc has told me to give her Gemcal twice a day , eggs, milk , chikki (groundnut mixed with jaggery)  and roasted urad dal mixed with ghee and jaggery. This dal is used to make idli or dosas.

Though i am giving her, she still complains of the pain in her legs... just don't know what to do ?? See for a couple of days and consult the  ortho..

Pritam, i would advise you to take your son to a ped or orthopaedician. Though children keep complaining of these pains, its better to get it checked from a specialist to keep our fears at bay....




aanchal 2010-06-16 19:39:55


my son used to complain of leg pain too and i started giving him a hot-towel compress+clean up followed by oil massage just before his bed time everyday. if someday he walks/jumps/runs more than his regular, i add a short massage in the evening too. this has taken care of his pain very well.

so i have assumed that in 9 out of 10 cases, the pain is due to exertion. kids are so excited during the day that they dont realize their pain. only when they retire in bed at night, do they realize the intensity of the pain..and then tiredness + pain makes them cry.

just to add here, in bangalore these days its quite pleasant( ). but the breeze is sometimes too cool and can cause pain. you can make hot oil (oil+cloves+garlic) for the massage. u can also massage with some brandy mixed in oil. camphor also takes away pain very quickly.


mickey 2010-06-16 19:51:36


Thanks Aanchal for the home remedies. I'll l try out these... Cheers, Mickey


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Thanks Aanchal for easy and home remedies. I always try out d remedies by you and it works..

Usually I do oil massage to my son but I will try out your way Thanks mickey, yest I visited ped and he told d same thing as ashita and aanchal told. I’m going to start calcium supplement.   Cheers   Pritam

 Former member 2010-08-09 16:55:34


Try baidnath "MahaBhangraj Oil " for any kind of  muscle/bone pain. I found it to be very affective.



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