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tashu 2010-06-09 17:37:03


My three year old son still cannot talk clearly, its very difficult to understand what he says. What are the ways to improve his speech? 

NJ 2010-06-09 19:07:17


tashu, When we were in Pune, we used to go to Dr. Anuradha who is a developmental ped. I dont have her number now since I removed it after we moved from Pune. But her clinic is opposite to Bakers basket in Bhandarkar road. The compound is called Mainkar Bunglow and her clinic is the the 2nd floor on the building behind the atm. Her timings are 6 to 8 pm except sunday. On saturday its from 9 to 11 AM.  


aanchal 2010-06-10 13:31:35


consult a speech therapist / developmental ped for the problem. if physiologically everything is alright, then concentrate on encouraging speech and communication skills later.  but first a doc opinion is important.



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