Comfort Objects - When to stop ?

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rachel 2010-06-07 23:36:56



My daughter used to use a lovey (her soft toy) since she was about 1 year old. I thought she will discontinue after 4-5 years (as I have read) but I feel that she is getting more attached. Earlier she used to ask for it only while sleeping, now she carries it around most of teh time.

Is this due to any psychological problem ? I have read all there is on the subject. But my worry is only her getting more attached to this now than before.

I am a working mom and my daughter will be 4 this july.

help with your experiences.

Minusri 2010-06-08 10:56:29



It is all the security/comfort she gets. There is nothing to worry about. She will come out of this habit once she starts making more friends .I am also going through the same with my son. My son carriers a soft toy from 1 year and now he is 3 complete. He used to carry it almost all the time and particularly during sleep .Suggestion I get is that my son needs to socialize with others and make more friends to come out this habit. He used to carry it to his playschool every day.    Now his regular school started, only during sleep he asks for it. His regular school refused any comfort toys to be sent along with the kid. I asked them permission for a week initially. Second week he was crying, frustrated and without that he refused to step out of the house to go to school. It is 3rd week of his school and he is fine. Only night he has to have that. In abroad it is allowed and even they give a small toy or a tiny sack of rice or grains in kids hand .They say it will help them to concentrate. You can meet her teachers and they may help in this. Hide the toy and read stories to her during night or tell her its “Toys day out” and hide it and all these I am doing now hoping it will work. All The Best to you.

rachel 2010-06-13 23:26:47


thanks minusri. am already feeling better after reading your post. i agree about socializing etc as she is alone most of the time. she does not have many friends in my building and meeting friends is limited to weekends alone. now that the school is opened - i hope to see the change. will keep you posted. In my case - fortunately, she has not asked for it to be taken outside home (like school etc.) But i always carry when we are going on a holiday etc as she starts asking for it when she feels sleepy...



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