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Poorna143 2010-05-31 15:49:10


Hi all..I would like to know whether it is gud to give Quaker oats to 2.5 years old baby.Please suggest

 Former member 2010-05-31 16:02:47


Nothing wrong - will provide lot of fibre - not much nutritional value, unless u add dry fruits, cream, etc.


aanchal 2010-05-31 19:40:21


check out the nutritive value mentioned on the label before doc suggested me not to go for oats on which 'low fat', 'zero fat' are mentioned. like murali said, it will provide lot of fibre but no nutrition and may actually result in loss of ask yr doc before starting quaker oats..i use kellogs oats(for kids) as snacks instead.


chaitalee 2010-06-01 12:53:00


my daughter has been on Quaker Oats since she started solids (by 7th month). I prepare it with water, then add lil milk at the end along with 1 mashed banana - taste wonderful and kids love it. If the banana is not too sweet then add lil jagerry - works GREAT!!! Oats are fibre rich foods and my daughter has never had constipation problems since I've given it to her for breakfast.


mommyof2 2010-06-01 13:48:26


In my understanding, the quaker ones are only quick cooking ones, which is low in nutrients (esp fat) and fibre too (due to processing & removal of bran).  when you get those white oats in the market, they are high in fibre & carbs too, that forms a good breakfast for kids. 

i used to use quaker oats, and recently changed to tiger white oats, and i can see the difference.. quaker gets cooked into a soft smooth one, whereas the other one gets cooked into a visibly-filling food.  

am all into this researching too, to see if it ll help my child gain weight - pls help mommies. 


Thanvi 2010-06-01 21:52:13


I would like to say that Oats is not recommended for kids.My doctor advised me not to take oats even at the age of 30+.for kids i suggest kanchi mauvu by manna health mix .i gave my kid till she is three years old.then you can buy samba wheat and make it as powder then you can give as kanchi boiled with water and add milk and is very good for health.oats reduce the weight.



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