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Pinkyhoskote 2009-04-06 19:28:04


Hi All,

We have moved to Hyderabad abt 3 months bak  from bangalore, recently i noticed that her nose bleeds without any reason ( she does not  pinch her nose) it can happen anywhere or anytime but stops as soon as her head is tilted upwards ( i dont even need to use ice packing)

I know that it could be because of  climatic conditions as  summer is setting in. i was wondering what kind of home remedies are used to stop this from occuring again. Need some home remedies to keep the body cool during summers




Sumo 2009-04-07 12:37:51



It may also be due to delicate capillaries, as with our daughter.  The doctor showed us an image - she had been digging the nose and the place had become sore; and with slight pressure or even change of weather, the capillaries would break. 

If this is the case, you can use an ointment, fucidin.  But does not prevent - so, we are giving my daughter homeopathy medicine which does seem to work.




Pinkyhoskote 2009-04-07 19:59:22


thanks sumathy,

firstly i want to know how many times did ur daughter bleed, before u started giving her homeopathy

i really believe in homeopathy( more than allopathy), can u pls tell me what exact combination are u giving in homeopathy...because i am new to this place ( hyd)so i donno any gud docs...will have tto scout for a homeo doc soon

anyways thanks a ton for ur timely help




Sumo 2009-04-08 09:38:44


Dear Disha,

My daughter used to bleed upto 4 times a day , when it was worse.  The frequency was high if there was a change in weather.  And the bleeding was profuse - she would even swallow blood and once she threw up blood after having swallowed it.  That is when we got all her blood tests done and took her to ENT. 

I suggest that you first find the cause by taking her to ENT and even doing blood tests if required.  You need to clealy know the reason for bleeding.

Once we found out that her blood tests results were normal and the doctor showed us the image of the inside canal, we understood the reason.  Then we started applying the ointment regularly.  And then we approached homoepathy with the exact problem - it would be important to know the reason before you start homeopathy - the medicines would vary depending on what is causing bleeding. Generally, there are no OTC kind of solutions in homeopathy and it is customised to person.  Best would be approach  doctor there - I am sorry I dont know anybody in Hyd.

with my daughter, the bleeding has reduced in frequency and it is also mild now after the homeo treatment. 

Pinch her nose apart from making her lie down - in fact lying down is not recommended if the bleeding is heavy as they can swallow the blood and then they feel like puking. 

Hope this helps.




Pinkyhoskote 2009-04-27 22:08:43


Thanks sumathy for all ur help...




Momma Mia 2009-04-28 09:10:45


Hi Disha,

I used to have nosebleeds (not frequently though) when I used to go to Nagpur (which has very hot summers) for summer vacations during early school days.

The home remedy was to keep thickly chopped raw pungent onion near the nostrils, the fumes are supposed to be an anti coagulant.My nose bleed used to stop completely in a while.This a harmless procedure.You might try it and see if it helps.

As Sumathy has mentioned, first diagonise the cause for her nose bleeds from an ENT doc.

Hyderabad is also known for its dry hot summers.If it is because of the heat, give her tender coconut water, water melon, musk melons etc to keep the body cool.

Take care.



Pinkyhoskote 2009-04-28 23:41:14


Thank u momma mia and sumathy..ur help is highly appreciated! :)



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