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natdanevu 2015-10-22 19:22:17


Hi My son is 4 years old and in lkg. When he started schooling his teachers send home work. He didn't know how to write. We holded his hand and made him to write. His teacher also said it was OK. His school started in June. Now his evaluation came. He still says he doesn't know how to write and we have to hold his hand and write. He doesn't want to study. Because we had beaten him first as he didn't write. Now he won't come for studying also. What do we do. His teacher is saying they will not pass him to ukg. What do we do

 Former member 2015-10-23 14:00:17


The situation is hard.
Try to speak with Teachers for their co-operation.
Generally schools wont fail the kids as per Govt rules.
Since the kid remembers the beating he has got while writing, he anticipates ony beating instead of writing.
Try encouraging by giving him pencil and paper or slate and chalk and leave him and observe what he does and clap for whatever he does with it and shout hurray!!.It will take a while for him to like on what he does with pencil and paper.....After a week once he is comfortable try to get him Books which is used to practice alphabets.Like dotted lines (for Alphabets).
Try with that slowly.Nothing happens overnight,
First he should forget the beatings.
Second he shd feel that he is encouraged on writing instruments.
Third he should feel free so that he performs well.

Hope and pray all is well.

Do post reply on what has happened!

God Bless and Cheers,

Lakshmi Prasannan


suchiparent 2015-10-25 10:03:31


Education is and should be a pleasurable experience. Every Child is unique and needs to be respected . The child is traumatised and needs to be slowly undone. It is going to be a slow process. The parents and educators need to come up with an action plan and not make the child feel a failure. The hand is not ready to hold a pencil and write till about 4.5. So our educational system is flawed to begin with to expect a 3 to 3.5 yr old to hold and write. The fine motor muscles need to be well developed and refined before you hand the pencil to the child. We run a montessori school in jubilee hills called Anthea Montessori. Please read more about the method and feel free to write to us at I can give you a personalised plan to help the child. To begin let's not force the child and make education a torcher!

pravso 2015-10-25 21:51:02


Hello Anu,
Your son will surely be passed to the next grade. Don't worry about that. 
Seems your son is still scared of your beatings:) 
Your son just needs encouragement to write and more practice. Imperatively he's not ready to write neither with you nor with his teachers.
The solution is simple. Find out whom he likes and is more comfortable with. May be ur family member or his favourite teacher at school or his best friend at school. You can request this person to train him to write for an hour everyday,
If he has a best friend whom he likes to play with, you could speak to those parents and try to get both kids to do their homework together everyday. This should work best. 
If he's still not interested in writing his curriculum homework, try some fun methods of getting him to write.
Put him to a arts class, buy him a cursive writing book, or some word based game.
If he's interested in phones, download an android game that would make him spell words and write on screen. He can practice it on screen.
You will see changes in a week.
Best luck with your kid. I wish him a bright future,
Keep us posted on improvements.:)


Sri110 2015-10-26 11:48:03


Relax! The child is in LKG!!! You can try this: Give him some reward and give him little treats when he does something good. Be positive and encourage him. Devise games to get him to write and play along. And please dont beat children. They will get scared and intimidated and this will have a psychological impact on the child as evidenced by his behaviour. His teachers too need to be patient with him. Sit with them and try to come up with solutions. If everything fails, try to get help from professionals who are experts in child psychology.

PoonamG 2015-10-26 16:22:41


    I agree to most of the points above, you should not be beating your child :)

Just one more point, are you sure your kid is exhausted enough? I mean does he play enough so that he is tired? Most of the times, if kids don't play enough, they do not do anything else properly. They lack the sitting capacity and concentration.

My child is hyperactive and I experience this phenomenon. The day when he is not exhausted, I have terrible time :(

- Poonam

natdanevu 2015-10-27 10:58:06


Thank You so much for the replies. I have to work with him a lot more i guess. He has gone into a mode of disliking the school itself. He was a boy who loved school in the beginning. Now he has turned. He was also a very hyperactive child. His teacher always told it was hard to make him sit in his chair. I hope to bring him back soon

once again thanks all for the valuable advice


banthi 2022-02-22 21:26:22


Hi Madam, I am facing similar kid of issue with my son. He is 4.7years old and is very hyper active and he won't settle down at one place. He always wants to do some activity. He is not yet all interested to write but he can able to read words. Please let me know how did you managed with your kid. It would be very helpful since you already crossed my situation.

6691 2022-04-27 09:12:56


Start off with coloring. Once your son masters all stokes, up down And sideways. In no time he will start to write and he will not find holding pencil was hard as before. Encourage you kid to start with coloring and gradually move to writing. Kindly don't force kid to read or write. Instead show the kid how fun learning is. Once he gets his attention towards learning, he will gradually write and read. Appreciate the kid for learning. Hope these tips help you. Remember patience is the key.


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