eating problems,underweight?

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vjai 2010-04-21 19:01:12



im mom of 4.5yr old who refuses to eat anything .he is very skinny& only 13.5kg .even now i keep running around & feeding him...he doesnt eat any junk food also..tryed some syrups from doc..but still no improvement...he is veryactive never sits to watch tv also....but often gets caught of cold...(atleast once in a month)

 Former member 2010-05-01 22:26:01


hi vjai,

I know as parent we get worried if kids don't eat. Is your doctor concerned about ur childs weight ? If your doc feels he is healthy and there is nothing to really be concerned about then u first need to stop getting worried.

Next just observe ur childs eating pattern. At times even we don't realise , the child would be munching some snack or the other like biscuits in between meals and hence doesn't really feel hungry at lunch/dinner  time.

Also do not force your child to eat because that will only make him run away from food. Just see what kind of food he likes to eat. try and make different things for him, like stuffed parathas, paneer, omlette, upma, vegetable rice, give him curd if he likes that. You will have to be patient and try and c what clicks with him.

Last u can try auyurveda medicines which do not have side effects but  give good result for increasing hunger and also for cold..

gud luck






 Former member 2010-05-23 19:42:42


hey! even my son had a same prob...

first thing first stop running after him..u sit at one place &let him run around &then come to u 4 food.

secondly,try really works...ask for dewormization

once all this done,he will sit at one place & worked 4 me..hope it does same 4 u.


mickey 2010-05-23 21:50:50


Hi Vjai,

Good tips from Rashi and Sahiba. Deworm him first after consulting a ped. U can give Zenteel. You can also try homeo medicine for deworming once in a month.

Try to tell your son good stories from a colourful attractive picture books. Make him do some activities like colouring or collage or make him play with board games so that he will sit at one place. Once he is interested in these activities, try to feed him. I do the same for my daughter. I used to have a tough time feeding her going all around our apartment. Never feed him while he watches TV  or  some videos. It will become a habit and is not good for the  child too.

Best thing is to tell them good stories by using some puppets. You can get it made by him. Make some characters on a sheet of paper. Tell him to colour it. Cut it and stick an ice cream stick behind the character with  fevicol or cello tape .  Let him do all this while u feed him. Main aim is to get them involved so that they eat easily without making fuss. Slowly u can make him sit on the dining chair.

Happy Feeding !



 Former member 2010-05-25 07:14:48


mickey has very wisely given suggestion...important is's really hazardious while feeding..u will endup sitting more & ur son will only watch tv..

seeing no option..i had done this mistake..thankgod..everything is under control now..

gud luck !



bestparent 2010-06-12 16:11:28



all the suggestion i read here ,,,,thats nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually i think todays life style is so much hectic ,even the food we eat is not enriched with ediquette nutrition.

kids required more nutrition than i suggest to use organic base food supplement to preventation from all these problam.

take care...



 Former member 2010-06-13 20:25:32


Mickey..i really like the ideas to feed kids.Keeping them engage in productive activity and learning same time and most important part ....Feeding is done.

Really good job ...appriciate it.


 Former member 2010-06-13 20:25:43


Mickey..i really like the ideas to feed kids.Keeping them engage in productive activity and learning same time and most important part ....Feeding is done.

Really good job ...appriciate it.


mickey 2010-06-14 11:48:07


Thanx Ashus. Keeping my daughter occupied with different activities and reading out to her is really making my job easier. At times, she does throw some tantrums for cycling too, which i readily accept . Take her for 1 or 2 rounds and make her involved in serving and  mixing her food too. She comes to the kitchen, serves small helpings herself in her plate and gets the satisfaction of preparing her own food. These small things get them interested in eating too. Bottomline is keep them engaged in activities they are interested except TV / Computers and Video games.




sheelan 2010-06-14 15:18:40


I do agree with Mickey. My elder daughter has the same problem. And I used to sit with her on a place & tell her stories. Sometimes I read story from colorful books or engage her in various activities like making crafts, coloring etc. It really works............

Best wishes,



taany 2010-06-15 22:04:54


add a clove of garlic to your child's preparation it makes them more tastier without any clue of it being there and if you do this in all meals(no harm in adding more according to taste) including in her atta dough(crush and put while kneading) she will be running around you not vice versa.And whether u r veg or non-veg give her home made soups with 3-4 cloves garlic  with 2 crushed black peppers when she has cold or otherwise too.

     These 2 ingredients will keep your worries away.I did this for my child who last season was getting cold v.frequently with ear infection,i gave chicken soup with garlic and pepper often.And,thank god for this herb, all is well.



Mummycool 2010-06-16 11:55:28


Hi Mickey,

I have a 6 year ols who also has eating problems & frequent vomitting tendencies. Yu have referred to homeopathy-alternative medicine, can you refer to some good practitioner in Bangalore ?




mickey 2010-06-16 13:31:52


Yes Mummycool, u can try  homeopathy for your child. I have no idea about Bangalore as I am placed at Hyderabad.
You can get in touch with Aanchal. She stays in Bangalore and has mentioned about homeopathy in many of her posts. May be u can consult the same practitioner whom she she consults for her son.

You can send her a message directly through parentree inbox/compose




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