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darsh 2009-03-28 23:04:21


my daughter talks continously and always makes sure that she is right..otherwise yells loudly

Pinkyhoskote 2009-03-30 18:40:37


hi Darsh,

My daughter did the same too...i played the same prank on her...spoke fast and continuosly...when she tried to stop me i didnt, after abt a minute i asked her did u even understand wt mommy spoke..she obviously said no, then i told her 'its the same way with me when u speak' i just cant understand 

second suggestion is that dont respond when she talks continuously...let her talk, scream and keep quiet...after a minute ask her to tell u slowly what she meant in simpls sentences. tell her to be loud , clear and slow...because the doc told u have a hearin problem so if she speaks fast u cannot grasp it..

hope these suggestions helped u as much as they helped me

Good luck



aanchal 2009-04-01 14:26:30


how old is your daughter, darsh?


darsh 2009-04-11 11:44:37


hi  Aanchal,

my daughter is 3 yrs old!


aanchal 2009-04-11 14:10:09


hi darsh,

children at 3 have a dynamic combination of assertiveness, curiosity and experimentation. they want to make sure that whatever they have learnt so far is applicable. they do so by putting everything in action, talk, work... also, they want to check how much they can assert themselves, in terms of noise, action, silence, etc. they want to know how much you will torelate. shouting, yelling, romping around, being naughty, destructive, they check their limitations and thus set boundaries for themselves.

your daughter must be gaining on her linguistic skills. thats why all this non-stop talking. curbing her would only lead to her confusions..coz sometimes she is asked to talk (whats yr name, where do u live,how old are u, do u know this rhyme...such questions from adults around) and then sometimes she is asked to keep quiet (how much do u talk..such comments from same adults)

from your original post, i guess your main concern is about her being stubborn on matters. this is also the age when children go through dependence vs independence. may be she is just checking out if her knowledge is correct of not.

if you send me your email, i can send you some reading material for psychological development of children


darsh 2009-04-12 21:16:31


HI Aachal,

    i truely agree with what u say... thanks a lot for u reply... ur mail will help me lots ..

my email

thanks a lot...



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