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amsnithi 2009-03-27 12:39:00



I have 2 yr old daughter.Her height is good .She is smart but she looks lean. I think she needs to gain more weight. She is 13 kgs now. Our Doctor tells she is normal. But i will be glad if she looks more chubby. Pl suggest me some practical tips to make her little bit fat  in a healthier way. Otherwise she  is active and healthy.


amsnithi 2009-03-27 12:41:12


I am sorry ..i typed Wait instead of Weight ...



Sameera 2009-04-01 12:15:52



If your doctor says she's healthy then please let her be. God alone knows how we adults obsess about losing weight and the problems attached to weight gain. you dont want to add her to that list when she grows up.





aanchal 2009-04-01 14:44:05



the sight of very thin child can be very worrying. however, as long as the child is active and energetic, we should not worry about the weight too much. its not kind to fatten up the child, and make him/her vulnerable to future health problems(such problems can start even in toddlers, no kidding!!). i empathise with your wish to see some chubbiness on yr daughter's body, but it may be her natural body structure. she may not respond well to gaining more wight than she can handle naturally.

some children LOOK thin or fat no matter how normal their weight gain is. if yr daughter's face looks pale too, then its a sign to worry about malnutrition or some underlying illness. if her eyes are bright, nails are pink, and mind full of naughtiness, please let her be like that!!!

my son at 1.7 years of age is 11.8 kgs. the growth chart puts it under normal weight. but since he has gained more height than weight, he looks extremely thin. i too wish to see some more cute-baby-fat on him, but, like i said, it wont be kind on my part to fatten him up unnecessary.

cheer up!


Shruthi 2009-04-02 12:36:39


I definetely don't recommend that you even try to help your child gain weight if her doctor says she's normal!  If only some one would help me lose mine now!!   I keep asking my nearly two year old to lend me his flat butt!!

Feed your daughter healthy food, how much ever of it that she will eat.  As long as she eats, drinks and stays healthy I think you should stay happy! 

On a lighter note, if you believe it,  there'll be a lot of people 'eyeing' your baby if she looks really chubby.  So let her stay fit and active, even if she looks thin, to ward off the "buri nazar" atleast.


Pinkyhoskote 2009-04-06 18:46:22



i guess its nothing to worry abt, atleast in ur daughter will be turnin 4 this april and her weight is 13 kgs....she is skinny to the bone...but is healthy and hyper active, grasps things quickly .Even though the doc says she has to increase her weight, i dont want unhealthy weight increase, i still encourage her salad and veggie eating and her chicken/mutton bone soup apart from curds, dal and rice or chapati 

i know how u feel because i felt it till a few months bak, but now i have accepted the fact that this is how my sweetheart will be...

when i count my blessings, and when i c her sunny smile every mornin, i just thank God f or givin me such a wonderful child.

all the best nd keep smiling.


amsnithi 2009-04-07 06:00:50



Thanks a lot for all ur replies.





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