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 Former member 2010-02-15 09:45:21


Can anybody who has used grolier products for children i.e  loggicco piccillo,  Fun thinkers and I wonder why series can provide me feedback ?

ML2009 2010-02-16 09:58:09



personally i dont think it is worth the cost they are quoting.i havent purchased these books thou the concept is good but i wonder series is forced thou at my kids age it wouldn't make sense for him(he is 23mths)

i was introduced these books thru exhibition and in very short time how do u take decision of investg 26 k...atleast some leaflets or more detailed content is not provided...they sell thru direct sellg mode only...how did u come to know about them?

 Former member 2010-02-16 10:11:45


Infact "I wonder Why series" is best among all those books which is most expensive in that package (8 thousand something) . he quoted me 22,300/ - for  full package which has below products :

1.  Grollio loggicco/piccollo,

2.   Fun thinkers 

3.  I wonder why series

4. Disney word-3

and he is ready to change products acc to your tatse, like for me he agrred to give me something else instaed of  Disney word-2

I  personally liked first 2 products a lot as they are different from what is available in market.  3'rd product is  best I would say as there are 24 books for some 8k, so on avg 300- rs for each which is worth it seeing the contents.






ML2009 2010-02-16 10:16:55


Considering my kids age it is not worth...what is age of ur kid?has the repre come to our place or how did u meet him...the one i met wasnt ready for changing the combination...what is fun-thinkers...he didnt tell me about this?


 Former member 2010-02-16 10:29:29


my child is 3 years 9 months.  Actually I saw few products in  mindgym library near to my place n liked it. I had written a mail directly to grolier n they had send one repre.  I liked the product but so far I have not come across people who have brought it except this lady who is also using it for her child who is 5 yrs of age.  So, I am looking for more reviews of it as when they come to give demo, u see 1-2 book/puzzle of each  item.  

I was thinking of buying as I personally believe that till 1'st std they have time ( less studies) n that is the time brain develops fast. 



ML2009 2010-02-16 12:18:27


what is fun thinkers? do let me know if u buy these book


 Former member 2010-02-16 14:39:04


that also is "set of puzzles".  I saw one review of same by "queen" in this thread



sathya 2010-02-17 00:20:54



20K+ seems like an awful lot of money for these books.  I am not sure any set of books is worth that much for a ~4 year old. I have a 4 year old too.

A library membership maybe a better option.

I have not seen this series. But if they are like other books I have seen, they are just tomes of information. They will not help your child learn the fundamentals.

These expensive books are ripoffs. What they do is exploit two aspects of human behaviour - Our desire to have our children learn more and become "smarter" & our tendency to think that high price = high quality.

If you are looking for developing your child's fundamentals, there are some very interesting workbooks published by Oxford university press and Cambrige university press which take an excellent approach to teaching fundamentals in English, Maths etc., Far cheaper and more effective for your child at this age.

Also at this age, I would suggest you promote your child's curiosity as much as possible rather than burdening them with books. Once you pay so much money for these books, you may unnecessarily put pressure on the child to read through them too :-)

So if I were you, I would play monopoly with my child (math), do some gardening with her (science), read the paper with her (english), visit the zoo (science), visit a museum (history) etc., etc.,




 Former member 2010-02-17 10:34:57



 Infact its book set ( I wonder Why series) which I found costly which is keeping me away from buying this product as that itself is some 8k+ but I liked the puzzle parts. Since they don't sell puzzles alone, I am in two mind.  I already have lib membership hence I don't need books.  I would really appreaciate if you can guide me for good puzzles which can help him developing analytical/reasoning.

It would be good if you can put some more light on "Oxford university press and Cambrige university "  books for  4-5 yrs old child for math/reasoning etc.





ML2009 2010-02-17 12:52:00


do we  have library specially for kids in mumbai? what is the set up and what r the set of books on the shelf in a kids library?


queen 2010-02-18 19:43:31


Hi all; I just checked out these reviews.  I believe for every parent  the method for teaching their children is difficult.  For me the best method for teaching is through books and puzzles mainly becoz  I am a lover of books. Naturally  if I want to teach them on a daily basis it should be something which I like too. There is a book called ''How to maximize your child's learning ability'' in which it says that  there are three learning styles - looker, listener,  and mover.

Lookers are visual learners who rely on the sense of sight when absorbing information.

Listeners are auditory learners, with a preference for soundsand words over information taken in by either sight or touch.Listeners tend to be early talkers and possess very elaborate vocabularies.

Movers are tactile or kinesthetic learners, preferring hands-on learning through both touch and movement.

In the book there will be tests for the parent  so they can find out in which category their child will fall in to.  And they have asked us parents also 'what type of learner are you '?.To determine your personal learning style,there will be a Learning style quick check for parents also.You are likely to find your responses either divided somewhat equally between two of the learning styles or heavily weighed to just one style. In either case , you''ll have a clear picture of the methods you prefer to use to absorb information from the world around you.

Why I have gone into detail is becoz I have found out my learning style that is looker.Most of the time the children will also follow their parents learning style. Fortunately for me my children too love books. I think Sathya  will fall into the mover  style. Your children are lucky Sathya becoz it really need lots of patience and perseverence to teach the child hands on.  In the case of SSG , I think she is a listener like me. She is strongly moved by the books.


queen 2010-02-18 19:54:05


I am sorry . I have written in a hurry.  The second sentence is 'different'' not difficult.  I have mistakenly written sand and the last one I am a listener but falls into looker category too.


queen 2010-02-18 21:18:42


SSG; I would like to tell you why I bought ''TIME LIFE '' and ''GROLIER''. Iam easily moved by books. Even before Grolier came to Chennai to take part in the exhibition I was very much aware of their products[logico and piccolo] by seeing it on magazines and had every intention of buying it but I didn't know how. I had no idea about their price also but I knew that they got lots of awards for their products in Germany like parent's choice awardss etc.

When I saw them at the exhibition I was also confused about the choices they gave me. I didn't want the disney books. The main reason is contrary to what I said I don't buy storybooks etc. becoz I think they are waste of money and space at home. But instead I make use of libraries like Hippo campus extensively. I bought Timelife mainly  becoz it is a long term investment and it acts as a complete Home'Library' for my kids. We thoroughly enjoy it too. Now coming back to Grolier they said with the puzzles I must buy disney story books[4 of them- like story a day for each seasons ] and  4 books like disney opposites, words about doing things, words that describe things,words that name things. It all comes with all disney characters in the picture which our children are familiar with. I just wanted to buy the puzzles and without any choice I had to buy the books too.  But they gave me Barney series as free.[ Probably becoz I was almost falling on my feet to buy the puzzles  and was so excited to see them at the exhibition] .Without arguing I bought the products, [can u believe it without actually seeing the demo!] I don't know, in my heart  somehow I knew the product must me good. For one thing I haven't come across any puzzles like them. Secondly it is a trusted company which comes with guarantee.

Within two days they delivered the products home. They made sure all the products were intact and gave me their number and assured me of their quality and promised me that somebody will come home and do the demo. As promised one guy landed up and gave me a demo. He was from north and  I couldn't understand half of what he was telling me. He was so expert a salesman that without understanding much I ended up buying their other products too. That was ;I wonder why series, logico maximo, help me be good, and crafts for kids. He had send me Á question about maths seris' as free from his personal fund [probably becoz  he would have got a good commission and their other free products I didn;t like ].  Except logico maximo which is for older kids I have started using all the other products.  Believe me till now even for one second I don't regret the decision I made. Even my husband who have raised some doubts have quieted down seeing his children thriving on these booksand puzzles. The only problem I am facing is if one child wants to play with one puzzle ,the other one wants to play with the same thing too. [ Hello parent tree if any body have a solution to this kind of  a problem please post it I will be very greatful ].I think they provide additional boards to play the game and I am planning to buy that. If Grolier people come to chennai please let me know also.

Why  I went into so much detail is becoz like u I am also a parent who is flooded with so many products in the market that u don't know which way to turn to or what to buy. I have also made mistakes in buying things which is never used but anybody considering timelife and grolier can definitely go ahead. It won't be a waste. Even if u forget about it ur children won't. Just make sure that all these products are kept within their reach.Happy parenting.



itawer 2010-03-08 13:42:56


My view on the Time-Life Total Development Prgram-

These books provide a wonderful means for parents to connect with their children- having fun and at the same time learning together in a relaxed way. Children also become more interested and inquisitive. The total act of opening a book and reading is a "doing" instead of just sitting in front of the TV and being a dormant spectator.

Never underestimate a child's learning abilites. Many children are quite capable of understanding even the most complex phenomena. My two year old son when asked about an eclipse says " moon hid sun". Because thats how I explained the picture of the annular solar eclipse in the newspaper. Our children are what we expose them to. And at an early age they are like sponges which are able to absorb a variety of inputs.

Most of us are at a loss what and how to talk or explain anything to our children- sometimes due to our own ignorance or inability to explan things at their level. TIME-LIFE books are well researched books and the matter is presented in a way that can be easily understood by the children and also can be easily presented by the parent to a child of any age. 


itawer 2010-03-08 14:00:55


One thing all parents should be aware of is that we have the power to make anything interesting (or boring) to our child. Its the parents' involvement and enthusiasm that really motivates the child. So any book or toy or gadget or cd is incomplete in itself. It requires the parent to make it come alive. It requires patience, creativity and imagination on the parents' part. For most, it does not come naturally. They are at a complete loss as to what to do with their children apart from playing with toys. Books like timelife, assist parents who find it difficult to "talk" to their little kids and spend time productively at the same time.


AmodAbhi 2010-03-09 10:06:22


Dear Sir/Madam,

From where are you getting these contents in 23 K bugs. One representative came to my home for demo and he is charging around 34 K bugs from me for my 2 kids.

Please be kind enough and do let me know at earliest.

Thanks & Regards,


queen 2010-03-09 10:43:11


Hi Seema, Iam not sure if u r asking about grolier or time-life . If u r asking about grolier then I have bought it almost one year ago.  If u r giving ready cash  then I think u have to pay only 24000/- . And if u r buying it in monthly payment ofcourse u will have to pay interest. So I think that guy would have added up the interest and told u the amount. Anyway only a representive from the company can clarify things 4 u.  Best of luck. 



AmodAbhi 2010-03-09 10:54:00


Hi Queen,

Thank you so much for your quick reply. I am  based out in Delhi and I am asking about the Grolier products only. What they are saying that they are going to provide you one complementry BBC Muzzy pack along with their products and I am paying them in 5 months installments and the charges I have to pay is around 34 K bugs.

I have 2 kids one 5 years and one 3.5 years. The elder is going to the regular school and he will join class I st next year (2011) and the younger will start going to the school from April this year only.

What would you suggest me. Should I go for these products or not.

I am looking forward to hearing from you at earliest as I have already filled the purchase form and they are calling me for delivery :).

Thanks & Regards


queen 2010-03-09 20:22:27


Hi, seema , My children are also the same age as yours.[6 & 3.5] I haven't bought muzzy so I can't comment on that. If they are giving it free then please grab it becoz I heard great reviews about it. It would be great if they allow u to buy only the puzzles. But if they insist that u have to buy the books then go for books which is not stories. Its not that the books are bad ,the thing is the market is flooded by booksIf u have to choose then select books like opposites.....etc [4 books]they  are really good one becoz  in school life it will be very handy. 

I would suggest




 Somebody told me that grolier says primo is for small children. But I don't think so .Some puzzles are easy some are difficult even for my 5+ son.Becoz the main thing is its all about reasoning and then solving the problem. So before giving it to them first I have to study it  find the solution and then have to give it to them. Even as an adult I need to spend time on it and sit with them throughout so that I can explain it to them.As u have two children I would suggest you to buy an additional board. So that u can make both of them sit & do the puzzles together. 

       As a parent I know my child's weaknesses and strengths. My son hates maths even if he is good with it. So what I do is I mix up the cards like I will make him do a maths card, then some pattern card, find matching card '...so on. so that it won't bore him out.And if he finds some puzzle difficult he will immediately say he is bored ,he doesn't want to do it. I used to get frustrated at first but now I just change the cards   and keep it in mind and whenever he is in a good mood[to tolerate maths] I give him the same card. Usually once they grasp the concept they will quickly finish it off and gain some confidence. For me the down point about grolier is that  most of the puzzles are connected with maths[ I hate maths also ] .So it is easy and bearable for me to teach him through this.

Seema, as far as I know grolier puzzles are one of a kind and if we have a choice to buy it then I will suggest you to go ahead. There is no other better way  for a child to grasp a concept better than puzzles. I will say its a great investment. I will surely make sure that my grand-children also can use it.


queen 2010-03-09 20:41:31


Hi parents, I have written a lot about time life and grolier. I assure u I won't get any commission for it. Iwould request all parents to post an honest opinion about the products they have used and they liked. So that it will be helpful for parents like me. 

All parents who can't afford grolier  I would suggest to buy the puzzles from CREATIVE. Its called

Brain-Boosters 1

              "               2

               "               3

    Its really good.


ML2009 2010-03-10 09:31:24


Thanks queen for ur feedback.can u pl tell more about creative books, i would be interested in knowing more about it.


 Former member 2010-03-10 10:23:27


Hi Queen,

  I have heard very good reviews of "New Book of Knowledge" series ? Pls. let me know if you have same or also seen the same.


queen 2010-03-10 10:31:30


Hi ML2009, ''Creative'' is a company name. Mostly they concentrate on puzzle products. It is like 'frank'' and ''smart'' . T hey are also company's which supplies puzzles in india. Any shop u go u can find them. It will be available in landmark . These puzzles are easy on the purse [below 150/- and whenever we have money we can buy them. Its easy to use and store it  and once our children no longer need it we can pass on to other children also.

Wherever u live if u have access to a library u can lend out any number of books. Except small children usually nobody repeats a book twice. So its a waste of money and space at home to buy story books. On the other hand nobody lends out puzzles becoz it is easy to lose some parts. Becoz it is inexpensive we can easily buy it and most of the children loves it also. 

The brain boosters that I mentioned is a 'wipe -clean card game'' which is a sure way to reinforce basic skills and boost children's confidence. It has 66 innovative activities and this game of simple questions in picture form is a sure way to stimulate young minds. It is meant for children ages: 3 and up. It cost around Rs 190 /- only.

please check their web site :





mickey 2010-03-10 10:44:15


Hi All !

I have gone through  all your discussion and got enlightened too about these products.

My daughter is 2.10 yrs old now and goes to playschool and will be joining Nursery in June. She is very much fascinated by books,pictures , art and craft. I often read out  stories to her and make her do small art work everyday.

Can  ano of u  suggest/advise me as to which series should I take ? Do u I need to take all the books in Time life ? Whom should I contact ? Around  three yrs back, there was a distributor who was literally after me to take those books when my daughter was just 3 months old.He quoted around 50K .It included some enclycopedia series  for my elder daughter too who was 10 yrs old then. Now i need something for my younger daughter who is almost 3yrs old .

I stay at Hyderabad and would like to know 

1) what books should I take for my daughter who is 3yrs old ?

2) whom should I contact  for these books ?

3)  The price .





queen 2010-03-10 10:49:36


Hi SSG , I think'new book of knowledge 'series are for school going children. I t will be useful for them only in their high school age. I wonder why will be the best choice for small children. My son was hooked on it from day one. I had to admit him in Appollo children''s hospitel  when he had high fever. I asked him which book u want to be with u and he selected one book from this series. My bad luck is that I forgot the book there in the hospital  and even after so many enquiries I didn't get it back. I still feel the loss.


 Former member 2010-03-10 14:14:05


Hi Queen,

How many puzzles of  logicco primo would be good for  almost 4 yr old ?


queen 2010-03-10 18:33:52


Hi SSG , it will depend on the child. For eg. one child will be good in spot the difference, one may be good in recognising pattern so on.Where my younger one is good in one area ,my older one is not so good. We can't expect them to be good in all the areas. But through this we will be able to identify in which area our child needs to work more. 

 As u know one set means 16 cards.

[ for parents who haven't seen this primo I will explain]. It comes with one game board and 10 game card sets.It covers areas like:

At the zoo, arts and crafts with teddy bear, colours and shapes, look and speak, match the picture, my first numbers, maths games from 1 to 12, maths games up to number 20, learning about traffic, concentration and perception games.

 SSG what I have done is, I  mixed up the cards. I don't know if it is logical but what I did is taking out all the 1st cards out and put it as one set.My reasoning is that the first cards comparatively may be easy on the child. For eg.if I start teaching my son from the set - '' maths games upto number 20''  he will definitely get bored becoz all the puzzles in this set is connected with maths. So I think it is always better to make him do from different sets.

 We need to be careful about their mood when we give the puzzle. If my son feels frustrated about some card then I will give him something which he likes. Usually something connected with vehicles.It is always a juggling acts for us parents. At first it will seem overwhelming ,but as we get used to it u will also find ur way of giving her the cards which may be completely different from my way. Whatever be the methods the only outcome should be  a happier child and increased level of confidence  .


mickey 2010-03-13 13:20:35


Hi Queen,

U seem to well conversant with these products. Can u answer my above query and suggest which books can i take for my 3yr old daughter ?






mickey 2010-03-13 13:22:51


Hi Itawer,

How old ur child is ? Have u bought the whole series of Time life ?





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