constipation n dry skin in baby

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aanchal 2009-03-11 21:37:29



i have a 1.6 years old son. he has two problems, constipation and excessive dry skin, ever since he was born.

i have tried (and keep trying) home-based stuff (like guava, raisins, almond oil in milk, for constipation and cream/oil every 2 hours for dry skin), homeopathy and allopathy, but there is not much result.

doc says we cannot keep on giving him allopathy, so for regular basis he has to take alternative medicines. but my son is not respoding to any treatment given.

his skin is excessively dry and tends to tan and wrinkle on slightest exposure to sun. he is so constipated that he has to strain a lot to pass his motions.

please suggest something.

Devibala 2009-03-13 19:55:52


Hii Aanchal,

Is he allergic to lotions? If not u can go for Johnsons Baby lotion( the pink one) or according to our traditional methods u can apply coconut oil. Dont use soaps. This will aggrevate the problem. Also for his constipation give him multigrain porridge daily  and rice, dhall and all vegetables mixed and mashed especially fibre rich vegetables. Give him more water in frequent intervals. Avoid giving lot of biscuits or bread. Give banana and apple daily. ( make it a regular habit ). Soak Raisin in hot water mash it and give him the mixtyure little lukewarm. Everyday after he wakes up, give him a glass of lukewarm water.


aanchal 2009-03-13 22:05:05


hi devibala,



Vidya Chennai 2009-03-18 17:47:43


Hi Aanchal,

For dry skin, what I have seen to really work is mustard oil. This works much better than coconut oil, Johnson's baby oil, and so on. At bath time, after applying soap (while the lather is still there), apply mustard oil generously all over the body. Then rinse, without using soap the second time. Be careful in the face area - if it gets into the eyes, it can really hurt!

Let me know if this works for you.





aanchal 2009-03-18 21:27:09


hi vidya,

thanks for sharing yr experience..mustard doesnt work for my son..a couple of times when i have used it, he got rashes all over..i was told that many babies cannot tolerate mustard oil at all..i guess my son falls in that category..i have been using olive oil in his bathing water since he was an infant..i always use sunscreen before i take him out..but when he turned 1, his skin got very dry and tanned and now it looks so wrinkled..doc tells me to wait and watch..



Rachita 2009-03-19 19:58:03


Hi Aanchal,

My 2 year old daughter has had similar problems. She's got dry skin esp. when the whether changes, like these days. I try to keep her skin moist at all times, give her avocado oil massage before putting her to bed and moisturize her skin with Petroleum Jelly mixed with moisturizing cream after giving her a bath the next day, it helps. For easing constipation, give your kid a lots of fluids. For relieving hard stools, you can try giving your son Prune Juice/Figs and Munnaka (big Raisins). Try giving a small dose of one of these, if it doesn't work, you may can try the other two options. These well known natural laxatives, and are anyday better than habit forming drugs. I've tried all three of these, they have worked for me.

Good luck!



aanchal 2009-03-19 22:02:35


thanks rachita


Pinkyhoskote 2009-03-30 18:31:26


hi Aanchal,

My daughter had constipation too, the prune juice and munnaka in warm water really helped my daughter.thr is an ayurvedic powder "harde" or "haritaki"just a pinch of it on empty stomach with warm water also helps during extreme situation( when motion is not passed for more than 3 days) BUT pls ask the ayurvedic doc before dng so.

what really helped me was my daughter sittin on an indian toilet, even though her stools were hard, the position really helps pushing the stools out.if u have a western toilet, let her sit the froggy way on it.

all the best.



aanchal 2009-04-01 14:19:52


thanks disha, for sharing your experience


apster 2010-07-19 14:39:44


hi Aanchal,

Had a couple of things to add to the other helpful solutions:

1. For dry skin, I use "Olemessa Bath Oil" in the bath water - around 1 tsp. This helped my son a lot - even his skin was very very dry and is now much better and I have to use moisturizer only in dry weather and not all year around. Another moisturizer that helps is Oilatum - but this is paraffin based and you can use only for a few weeks/a month at a time.

2. For constipation, as and when he grows if you can get him to do "vajrasan" after meals it is very helfpul. My daughter used to have very bad constipation and irregular bowel movements for a long time, but after getting into this habit and along with drinking enough water she now finds it much easier. Even my son who is 2 years 4 months can now sit with ease as he sees everyone doing it and has picked it up already! This is a very good asana for digestion and for expelling gases.



Ruhigupta 2010-07-19 15:13:07


Hi Anchal,

My brother`s son also had similar complaints. He was advised by his Pediatrician in Hyderabad, to apply Calapure Lotion. That has worked really well.

Regarding the wrinkling, i don`d know. All I know is that for dry skin Calapure Lotion works well.

Last summer, when i went to Himanchal, and was back, my elder one who was 2 then had a similar complaints, and we gave him Calosoft - A. That also worked really well.




aanchal 2010-07-19 15:14:53


thanks aparna..his constipation is much better now..we do vajraasan almost daily, but it never clicked to me that same can ne taught to my son also ..thanks..will teach him to sit in vajraasan daily. about dry skin, i m not making any progress..i apply milk-cream, moisturiser, oil, creams, lotions without gap, but the dry skin has caused blackness at places and thats not fading. oilatum didnt help much..will try this olemessa oil now..thanks again


aanchal 2010-07-19 15:17:05


ruhi..i am using calosoft these days..not helping much..i am trying to find out if this chronic dry skin is a manifestation of some internal problem


apster 2010-07-20 09:58:28


hi Aanchal,

One thing I forgot to mention is Tedibar soap - the combination of Olemessa bath oil in the water and using this soap seems to help my son. If you are in Bangalore I can give you the contact of my dermatologist - he has helped with something or other for my entire family.

About Vajrasan - even we didn't think of making our son to do it, but he just picked it up on his own and then we realized that it was a good idea to ask him also to do it after food :).




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