Asking for 5 Min and 10 Mins delay for bathing and brush ..

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Jalaj 2010-01-25 15:20:43



I see my kid who is 5 + , always ask give me 10 mins more sleep, when I ask hime to getup, and come with me for brush & bath, even 10 mins given then he keeps on demanding 10 more mins, and its difficult to catch the bus.Although he enjoys bath, but doing brush probably an issue.. Many of times i need to force ( Like speaking loud, and telling few things like I will not do this or that with you ( Reducing his luxury what ever he enjoys :-) ) , this works but he feels frustrated and don't enjoy the activity and cooperation is reduced , hence become a tedious job in the morning.. I belive there should be better way , and hoping will get good practical answers ...






seemashah 2010-01-25 15:28:44


Hi Jalaj,

Bedtime at the right time is the only solution. if he sleeps early he will get up fresh and the problem of 10 min ....will all end there.. and about the brushing . please make himn understand the importance of brushing i guess all ur problem will end once he unerstand it. hope this helps u




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