How to make a toddler like brushing and what toothpaste should be used

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 Former member 2009-03-02 22:30:38


My 2 year old simply doesn't like to brush, no matter how attractive the toothbrush is. We gave him a toothbrush as soon as he got his first tooth which was at the age of 1. At that time he liked brushing his teeth but we didn't put any paste on it.

Now no matter what he just won't hold the brush anymore. We have been giving him less than pea sized "Pigeon" toothpaste on the brush. We are a bit concerned since he has completely stopped brushing. We would like some advice on the same....

aanchal 2009-03-03 13:54:24



what kind of food does he prefer to eat? does he normally eat spicy items or is he inclined only towards mild, sweet or bland food? if latter is the case, he may be having very sensitive gums and taste buds coz of which he is not liking the toothpaste.. so taste the brand that u r giving him..may be he is finding it too tangy..remember, strong flavors can give him blisters in his mouth!!

i use colgate 'orange flavor for kids' for my 1.6 years son..he loves it..i tasted it before giving it to him and found it nicely mild..once he insisted on having 'papa's toothpaste', which is a normal colgate, and ended up having a blister on his lips!! we vowed never to give in to his insistance again!!

if u find a suitable toothpaste, u may try giving it to him on yr fingers instead of toothbrush in the beginning, since he has developed aversion to the brush.



mango_mama 2009-03-03 17:54:56


I remember getting some videos/DVDs about brushing your teeth at one time. Do not remember if it worked. But am sure for a little while got them all excited about brushing. I think it was a Barney DVD. There is this nursery rhyme..."this is the way, I brush my teeth, brush my teeth, brush my teeth...around the mulberry bush..." or something. Right?

Unfortunately have given away all the Barney DVDs. But try and check out on the net and then see if the local chains carry the titles. G. Luck!!!


Sumo 2009-03-04 09:37:27



There are a series of videos called 'Smart cookie';  the first one (i think it is called 'pyjama party'  talks of brushing  and also has this song, 'Mulberry bush', as well as introduces a lot of other  things relevant to toddlers - like drinking milk, sharing, etc.  It is shot well and is a big hit with kids.  It is distributed by Shemaroo and you should get the cds in any decent shop.




Vidya Chennai 2009-03-05 16:08:09



I had the same problem with my son six-eight months back (he was 2 years and 3 months then). He was ok with trying the toothbrush... until pigeon toothpaste came along. He became completely averse to brushing afterward. I tasted pigeon and found that it was absolutely unpalatable. I then tried pepsodent spiderman toothpaste.. same result.

I vowed never to use kid's toothpaste. We then moved him to normal toothpaste (pepsodent 2-in-1), and things are fine now. Pepsodent strawberry was kind-of ok with him, but he still prefers the normal toothpaste.

Hope that helps.





 Former member 2009-03-06 16:39:41


Thank you all for all these suggestions. I guess using Pigeon is probably not a good choice also trying to make him brush with all the different videos available is a good way as he always inacts the rhymes he sees.


Devibala 2009-03-13 19:49:11


I suggest normal colgate ..the dentist also suggest this. Pepsodent is not advisable as the flouride content is not in right proportion ( I ve read it in some articles) Good dentists always suggest colgate. And it is better we should brush their teeth upto the age of 5 as improper brushing movements will harm the teething arrangements.


Pinkyhoskote 2009-03-18 19:01:57


My daughter is 3 and half yrs old now..i started brushin her gums with my finger when she was 8 months old, then we shifted to a brush that u can attach on the finger when she was an year old..slowly shifted to pegion brush...i made sure when i brushed my teeth she was around ..i also used  toothpaste in the mngs and plain salt on the brush at nite( she prefers salty food anyways, but made sure she doesnt gulp it)she was 2 when i started tellin her stories abt how the germs in her teeth r naughty and they want to eat her tooth away( decay)thats how she learnt abt cleanin each she is 3 and half...brushes teeth herself and where ever i am she comes to me  for a 'checking' i giver her a final brush and rinse.

Pls dont use kids toothpaste as it doesnt serve any purpose.if u think his gums r sensitive pls take him to a dentist.

all the best!



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