Child Behaviour in shool

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chitrag82 2010-01-06 09:31:31


Hi !

My son is studying in LKG. I often receive complaint from his class teacher since PRE KG  that he is not atttentive in the class. He fails to respond to the class teacher even for simple questions.

Where as he is a very normal person at home. He comes to me and explains what happend in class and tells all the stories or whatever being thought in the class. But when the same being asked by the teacher he does not open his mouth.

This is highly hampering his assesment as far as the acdemics is concerend. I am really agitated as he knows everythng but does not talk to the teacher. We have enrolled him music class in our own premises. There the music teacher is very positive about him. She appriciates him and she is very happy that he grasps all the notes very easily.

His IQ level is excellent. But he gets distracted very easily in the school. Please suggest me any tips I can follow which will help me to motivate him talk in the class.


jagath 2010-01-14 10:43:33


 I would suggest that you should change his school. Classmates, teachers ,even school timing and transportation affects the child's performance in the school. It was very well evident when a 'strict' teacher came as class teacher, he totally lost his interest in his school , had a tough time in preparing him to school. I'm sure that your child will do well in a new friendly atmosphere. 

So discuss with others on a friendly school.



ppiya 2010-01-19 16:04:43


Which school does he goes to?Most of the schools have counsellors which can guide you and your child.Why not have a word ith the principal.Some kids do fear with the word "Teacher".U could play with him "Teacher teacher" at home and ask him to enact as his teacher.This will help you to find out how and why he looks upon his teacher in a certain way.There is nothing to worry bcoz sometimes thse things will just pass away .Else a counsellor's help will be very fruitful.


parikh 2010-06-29 23:44:29



I have 3.3 yr baby now she is going in to LKG. As per CBSC rules she is eligible for nursery but she got admission in very reputed school. I have problem that now she does not like to go to school. she was the most intelligent child in her play school and she was enjoying to go to school. now she hate to go to school. I tried many things but not worked it out .

I dont know what to do ? How to deal with her?











pramiladsa 2010-06-30 18:41:53


3.3 years in CERTAINLY NOT THE AGE for Lower Kg

Pls dont have such high expectations from u r child. However reputed the school may be u cannot  expect a nursery going child to behave like a lower KG child....Pls put her in some nursery and let her enjoy her childhood for some time....You can put her in the same school next year when she is actually due for Lower KG



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