How to encurage child to have juice who doesn't like

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 Former member 2009-12-08 17:11:37


My child is 3.5 yrs and I want juice to be in his regular diet but somehow he doesn't like juice at all.  Only juice he likes is Fruti, I have been trying him to start liking fresh sweet lime and orange juice but to no avail.  Has anybody had same issue with their kid and any solution to it ?

NJ 2009-12-08 17:58:49


Maybe he likes mango juice, but for a fresh one need to wait till May June for the mango season.

Have you tried giving him the fruit. ie Orange as a whole fruit itself instead of the juice. Try adding sugar into the juice if you have not tried it.


Lavanya 2009-12-08 18:11:45



Have you tried having it along with him ? One thing I do with my daughter is, i start eating the same thing and i don't even give it to her in the first place. She gets curious and will aske me for the same. And then take it on from there.

Also, you could try with other juices as well, try and experiment and find out his likes and dislikes. May be he doesn't like sweet lime/orange, but may prefer others. Try each one day and something might click :)

All the best


 Former member 2009-12-08 20:21:16


NJ:  No he doesn't like fresh mango ( shake)

Lavanya: I  will try this next time, though I have tried it some times with mango shake but he didn't get motivate.  Infact I tried once with other kids, but he is not at all moved. I don't know why he is so fussy, main problem with him is he doesn't even want to taste.  I guess next time I need to make it more playful, may be having a competition (to come first with his father).


sripriya 2009-12-17 10:21:07



Have u tried fresh fruits instead of juices?It is more healthier and richer to have a fruit as such than to have a juice(that too if sugar is added,it is said that sugar is a thief of vitamin,so body doesn't earn all those from a juice).

I never give fruit juices for my children,rather trained them to eat all varieties of fruits with no fuz.

Believe me,this is definitely possible,but u need patience.For ideas on how to make ur child eat fruits,chk also this:




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