Besan for Facial hair on 2 year old

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Rjinder 2012-05-30 21:03:23


Hello friends....

Totally new at this :)

My daughter is 2.5 years is too late to use this remedy.

how do you apply the besan, do i let it dry like a mask.

Plz help

PS1982 2012-05-31 10:50:05


well....though i dont know if it really clears up the hair...but i do cleanses the skin...but besan is too harsh on a baby i wot i do it....haldi+small portion of besan+dahi or milk+honey(my daughter's skin is too dry.... and apply it starting wid face....all over the body....very very gently.... tht time is drys a little on u can wash it off wid lukewarm water....


but remmeber some kids are allergic to these very careful....



manju2madhu 2012-06-01 09:55:12


We use besan and green gram powder to bathe our little ones from 1st week of birth. But do check it it is ok, on your kids skin. Since you have a girl baby, you can also add kasturi Manjal(Jungali haldi, Ban haldi.), this doesnot give yellow colour but controls hair growth. If you want it to have some frangrance add some dried rose petals, sandal wood powder. Just make it into a paste and apply on body and have a bath. Not necessary to dry like a mask. This powder can be used by all age groups. This is the best scrub for face. Milk or curd can be added for adults. It is never too late, just try this. Best wishes


mickey 2012-06-01 11:48:25


 Hi Rjinder,
Nice tips by Manju. Yes as PS said besan dries up the skin. Do not use it as a mask for kids.
You could use green moong dal powder insead. You could get  1/2 kg green moong dal(Green gram pulse) ground in the flour mill and store it in air tight container. This could be mixed with little milk cream, curds, haldi(turmeric) and honey. You could use it as a scrub but not as a mask. This could be used as a mask for adults. For kids, let it be in on face till you srub the whole body. But rub it gently all over the body and the face too. It is milder than besan and is good for kids and adults alike. While removing, gently dab the face with water.

Don't try to remove the facial hair forcibly as it may damage the skin.

I used bread and milk for   my daughter before she turned 1 and then used the above mixture  after she turned one. We call  this green sabud moong dal  powder as sunni pindi in 



Priyaraj2005 2012-06-01 14:08:48


Hi all,

I have heard that something added to besan in the bath powder for babies will prevent growth of unwanted hair ... IS that this KAsturi Manjal or wotever was told above ? Do we get that in regular shops ? Is it the kasturi Pasupu that we call in Telugu ?? I know it is not the regular turmeric we use in kitchen ... So wher can i get this ??? Pls let me know ... my baby is due in 2 weeks ...  so I can use these if I have a baby girl ... I do not want her to face probs with unwanted hair on hands and legs and go with painful waxings and all when she grows ... :) ...




mian89 2021-05-19 02:07:54


My baby girl is 1 year and 3 month old.she has facial hair what to do


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