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meg 2009-11-20 11:40:01


my almost 4yr old daughter is major time confused with her numbers.Otherwise very intelligent shez having trouble remembering and identifying numbers...she knows to write them but cant identify which is what????im so worried................please help.I make her write pages and after a while its all gone from her mind again...


arthi 2009-11-22 22:03:39


 pls dont get me wong. but show her to a doc.  usually childern identify numbers by 3 to 4 it might drag on to say 5 yrs but sometime there might be a prob or something so check up soon dear.  


NJ 2009-11-23 02:48:44


I had the same problem, but with alphabets. I used to get confused between b and d and used to interchange it very often. I remember my aunt who was teaching me used to get exasperated with me. But I grew out of it. My cousin had problem with numbers. When her mom used to ask her which is greater 67 or 76, she used to think for a long time and say 67. Then my aunt got angry and then immediately my cousin says the other number:-). She grew out of it too and now maths is her favorite subject in Engineering. So I would simply say that she will grow out of it. just continue to correct her and coach her. But nowadays there are experts who would know how to help children handle learning disabilities early on in life itself so that they do not have to struggle through the school years and eventually find out how to handle it themselves later. My sil has enrolled her son into some therapy sessions for learning disability and she says that he shows remarkable improvement. I'm not sure what centers are there in India. But you may want to first enquire with a developmental paediatrician who can recommend any counselling centers for this.


NJ 2009-11-23 02:58:51


Children learn better in different ways. Some children are kinesthetic- ie they learn better through touch, some are sensory- they learn better through hearing and some are visual-they learn better through pictures. Probably your daughter may be a visual learner. Try showing pictures of the numbers - for instance when you teach her the number 5 , show picture of 5 butterflies, something like that.


apar_sai 2009-11-23 14:12:43




Why don't u check thelink -

It helps you identify which sense appeals to your child. IUt also guides you on how to teach children of different intelligences. My son is gonna be 3, he doesn't like learning alphabets/numbers. But he loves music/rhymes - he can sing A-Z, 1-20 etc.






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