How to teach writing to 3 and half yr kid

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poojaforu 2012-02-17 10:32:28



I have 3 and half year old son. He is in Nursery. He is not very interested in writing. Whenever I insist him to write, I have to hold his hand, then he writes.  Independantely he doesn't hold pencil also. Please share your experience, how I should encourage him for writing.




NJ 2012-02-18 09:02:36


Try reinforcing - ie do the activities that he likes after writing activity. For instance if he likes to go out and play with his friends, say that you would allow him to after his writing. For instance if he likes to watch his favorite cartoon, tell him that you would allow him after doing his writing work. Start off with 5 minutes of writing work and then work it upwards. First even if he just scribbles its ok. Get a pattern writing book, joining dots activity book and let him trace. There are some websites also from where you could take printouts for these activities. Parallely also give him fine motor skill development activities for strengthening fingers like playdough(make a ball with fore finger and thumb), putting chickpeas one by one from one place to another, making sand castle from beach sand(in case you stay close to beach), cutting paper with child scissors etc. Encourage coloring first. As the fine motor skills develops they will not find writing stressful. Find ways to develop writing skills without making it seem stressful for the child.

Not long ago there was a discussion on this which I found very interesting. I liked the bindi sticking on circe activity that would develop hand eye coordination and finger strengthening.


aanchal 2012-02-20 19:46:08


like phonetics, writing also has a sequence to be followed. we cannot start by using pencil and paper. there are some preskills to writing that need to be established, and then sequential writing is taught.

the correct sequences to be taken care of are:

Sequence of learning how to write (alphabet recognition, sand tracing, sandpaper tracing, stencil tracing, use of writing tools)

Sequence of using writing tool (chalk, crayon, pencil)

Sequence of method used on paper

Sequence of writing

Sequence of lines

Sequence of alphabets

Sequence of shapes

sequence of numbers

you need to make sure that its the lack of interest thats the real reason..see if he is able to color, use play-dough, bead strings, etc, to rule out any dexterity problem


suchi121 2012-02-20 20:40:47


 There are lot of mood fluctuations in the children between the age of 2.6 to 3.6 years. If the child is in a proper mood to write the child writes very nicely, we need not worry but if the mood is not proper the child seems least bothered. This age is the age of growing and transforming into a school going child. i feel only after the child turns 3.6 yrs that the child starts understanding what the parent is trying to tell. The parent has to be very participative in all the activities the child does. Children in this age try to imitate a lot and learn by imitating. Pls spend time with the child in a friendly manner e.g. u can write seating next to ur child in a separate book and showing the child the way to enjoy writing. Draw pictures, write big letters. Scolding does not work . If we force and scold  the child, the child may get irritated and loose interests in studies which is dangerous....I have experienced the same issue. Also if ur kid is happy with other kids around try and make the kid sit with his/her friend for studies. this definitely helps.


jishnu2011 2012-02-20 23:13:27


i have the same experience with my 3 and halh year old son...we need to hold his hand to write...but we are hopeful he will soon write on his own...

matching dots is very good activity...children learn quickly...go for advises from NJ...those are good...:)

buy a coloring book and tell your kid to color as much as he/she can...these helps in both identifying colors and eye co-ordination...


Suganyaa 2017-08-28 13:43:09


I am also facing the same situation with my son right now! He has completed 3.5 yrs and he is into LKG now. His teacher always says us to teach writing at home as he is not writing at class. I am trying a lot to grab his interest on Writing on his own at home. He always expects my hand to hold his to write his HW. Atleast I would be happy if he scribbles something on the note by getting a good grip, sometimes I feel that he is too small for school and that is why he is not getting the interest. I get him the needed materials - Slate and Slate stick, Chalk, Pencil, Rough Note, dotted lines book, and now Magic Slate so that he gets the grip on the Stick/Pencil. When we make him to sit for long in Writing in the weekends he runs away. I am much worried whether he will pick up late in writing. I dont know in what other ways should I grab him to write. 

ishupoorna 2017-09-17 14:26:16


Hi everyone because of this problem I didn't put my daughter in (d.o.b 11.03.2014 )LKG IN 3.5 YRS SO WAITING FOR 4 yrs 3 months June 2018  they l understand bit matured they may have interset so waiting if we are beating in this age 3.5 yrs for writing they may get irritated AND no interset.. 

Anu81190 2017-09-19 12:18:30


Even my son's d.o.b is march 11,2014. Even i used to have same problem.But some how he started to write on his own but only on tracing the dotted lines.Hope he will learn writing soon.But he is very good in oral activities such as stories n rhymes.So am confused whether to put him in l.k.g/u.k.g next year.He is studying L.k.g now.

DSD21 2017-10-05 16:42:44


Even i too faced the same problem but now its not like that. You make him to join the dotted lines slowly u tell him to write standing line and sleeping line without dotted lines. Dont force him/her to write neatly r clear let him write in his own method. then next to his writing u write the actual line and explain him this is the mistake u have done. He may understand and follow u r else it will take time to learn.

ishupoorna 2017-10-05 18:30:43


June2018 u can put lkg  

My daughter same bday date we didn't put her go to now ,, let them learn slowly and steadily understanding 


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