my daughter is underwght or not

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kams 2009-11-10 16:24:11



my daughter ate well  and takes everything except banana at the age of 1.5yrs.  now she is 3yrs completed she is 11kg & 89 cms.but now her food is 4/5 glass of milk / junior  horlicks or she eats white rice once a day.i'm gvng her alfalfa with pedeatric advise for the past 2 months.pls give me a suggestion for her eating habits.

sap 2009-11-23 12:25:18


Hi kams,

As long as she is active, pls dont worry about her weight, i know its slightly less but beileve they will catch up soon.

Being a mother of 31/2 too, i would like to suggest ,why not cut down on milk to 2 glasses a day n instead try different menu for her , like a dosa, chapati or idli breakfast, lunch - mixd ved rice, again eveng something like small aloo need alot of me on this :-)hoping this helps

ps.what is alfalfa? its a legume , but have no idea in depth



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