Wetting while sleeping.

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Chinju 2009-11-05 18:23:04



My daughter who will be turning 3 this Jan, is still wetting the bed while she is sleeping. When she is awake, she will go to toilet without any issues. Earlier i use to wear diappers in the night...but now i see that area is too dark...not sure if it is because of diapper. Some night i get up and make her to go to toilet at time due to my tiredness i sleep.Each day while she goes to sleep i use to say in good words not to wet the bed instead call me...how do i tackle this problem...Please help me.

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AH 2009-11-06 21:46:33


Hi, relax...Your daughter is still very young. At 3 yrs of age, eventhough a lot  of them are dry during the day, only very few will be dry at night. Even at 5 yrs of age 15% of the kids are not dry at night. Your daughter will be dry in another few months/ 1-2 years time (I know it is a wide range!). You need to wait and see. Untill then you can use pull ups for her at night. You can also try avoiding drinks just before bed time and make sure she goes to toilet before going to bed. At this age they are in deep sleep at night and don't sense the need for going to toilet. Hence she won't be able to wake you up. If she wakes up for some reason you can take her to toilet in the middle of night. Other than these simple measures, no treatment is recommended at this age. Just wait for her to outgrow this. She is completely normal.

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Anjana Hulse



 Former member 2009-11-10 13:03:50


My kid is 3 yrs now and from last 1 year there was no bed-wetting. But from last 1-2 months he started wetting bet in night. I consulted doc and even read on net that kid normally ( not all) can do bed-wetting at age 3.

I take these precautions - avoid water/ liquid 1hour before going to bed, ask him to toilet if he wakes up in night. Sometimes when i know that he had lot of liquids before sleep, i wake him up for toliet. He feels bad about bed wetting and allows me to take him to toilet in night.

I hope this will help you



Chinju 2009-11-11 07:42:09



Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

Thank you.


chennaimom 2009-11-21 14:53:21


Hi please relax..She is too young.. bladder control develops last for the nighttime.. Put her diper after applying good quality milkcream/lotion



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