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Deepika 2009-10-25 13:32:16


Hello all,

My son is 2 years and 5 months old.  Please let me know whether giving Amul cheese slice ( 1 per day) is good for his heath.  Im giving on a irregular basis for past some months and not seen any significant problem for him.

But heard latest that it is not good for kids. Pls clarify.




 Former member 2009-10-26 12:03:17


In my opinion, Cheese has a good amount of Calcium, and can only do good to the child.


Deepika 2009-10-26 17:36:26


Thanks MuraliR.  Please share if you know, whether it would digest well on this early stage.




newsoul 2009-10-26 19:20:34


Hi Deepika, our pediatrician suggested that cheese is an excellent source of calcium and it can be given to kids who are 12 months and older(but not before 12 months).


Lakme 2009-10-26 19:48:17


hi all

i have a 2yrs 10mths old daughter. she has got very less immunity power.

Can anyone suggest me the food or any natural medicine to increase her immunity power.

Many types of cheese r available in the market. What type of cheese is best and large amount of calcium?


 Former member 2009-10-27 10:14:42


Deepika, first try in smaller quantities, and then observe the child, his activities, poop, etc.

If it suits then you can increase quantity slowly.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a good source of calcium.


leo 2009-10-27 17:48:27


hi all,

i have joined this discussion coz my child has that same problem. His immunity is very low. He catch a cold and cough now and then.

My child is 1yr and 2 months old. So stomach infection has become a monthly problem.

Though he is 1yr and 2 months old , cant chew anything. So i have to make a pulp of all bolied green vegs. As per the suggestion i am thinking to go for cheese.But i have some questions like a)howm much cheese should i give to my child b)shall i give it with some other food c)can i go for amul cheese?

Eat healthy, think +ve.




 Former member 2009-10-28 15:18:57


I notice Cheese being linked to a child immunity.  I am not too sure how much it can help improve the immune system.

To the best of my knowledge, Vitamin C helps develop a child's immune system.  Oranges, Sweet Lime, Lemon, Guava, etc.


sathya 2009-10-29 10:08:41



>But heard latest that it is not good for kids

Could you please tell us what you have heard about cheese?

My kids have been eating both the cheese slices (Amul, Brittania) and also cheeses like cheddar, parmesan etc., for a long time (since they were 1 year old). They like them and it is a good healthy food.

The only warning I have heard is not to feed blue cheese to children. These are special cheeses which have fungus on them.



umasworld 2009-10-29 13:05:14


Deepika, Sathya,

Cheese is good for children no doubt. However, there are a few things that we as parents must bear in mind while feeding cheese to children:

1) All cheese are not made equal - I'm not talking about the differnt types of cheese here, but the way the cheese is manufactured. Some cheese are 'too processed', high in salt and saturated fat content. These are not good for children. With the regulations and labelling system in India, this is tough to figure out.

2) I've heard is that it can get addictive if it becomes a routine/ habit. Children, as long as they are physically active can have plenty of cheese. However, it is fattening as they grow older (Above 12 yrs of age or so) and can lead to obesity. It might get difficult to wean them away from it at that stage.

3) Love for cheese also leads them to junk food like pizzas and burgers at a later stage which is unhealthy

4) This is my personal observation: Cheese seems to delay the next hunger pang. Not sure if this is lined to cheese though.

My daughter used to have cheese everyday and started demanding cheese for breakfast (she wouldn't have anything else). I've slowly weaned her out of that habit though she does have her dose of cheese. I'm just trying to make sure that it doesn't become an adiiction. I also go for Amul and Bitannia.

I've also seen Kodai cheese in Nilgiris  any idea if this is good?



apar_sai 2009-10-29 13:26:01



Almost every shop I've seen in Bangalore switches off the freezer at the end of the day. If I enter a Food World early in the morning, I see a lot of condensation in the frozen products. The temperature is probably not maintained at -4 deg overnight!

After seeing this, I've started reducing our use of frozen food - zero frozen peas/corn/french-fries. Cheese - I use ocassionally (unavoidable!). Since it is processed and frozen under doubtful conditions, I would not recommend daily usage.





Deepika 2009-10-29 14:14:33



Thanks for the comments.   As mentioned, I've noticed my son too likes the cheese taste very much and he pesters to get full slice piece, If I try for half.

 Is this cheese delays the next hunger pang due to indigestion of the same?

Sorry! Im not sure about Kodai Cheese.


sathya 2009-10-29 14:15:53



Amul and Brittania are both "processed cheese" which is like any other packaged food - they contain cheese and other additives like artificial colors, artificial flavors and emulsifiers. And labeling in India hardly lists any of these. The effects of artificial colors and additives is written about in this Parentree article.

Natural cheeses like cheddar, parmesan etc., do not contain these additives but they are not 100% organic either. I have tried Kodai cheese but do not like the taste.  We buy natural cheeses either from Amma Naana deli (opp. Park Sheraton) or The Auroville store (on Khader Nawaz Khan Road). Both these places also have good foot traffic for these items and reasonable freshness is assured.



aanchal 2009-10-29 14:55:50


nice and informative discussion, indeed !

my son started eating cheese slices when he turned 1 year..he was very fond of them and would never miss it..knowing the good calcium level of cheese, i never hesitated in giving him a slice everyday..until i realized that he would not feel hungry for a long time after having the slice..slowly i noticed that the slices would fill him up for longer than required and take his appetite the long run, it didnt seem to be a good food option for 1-2 year olds who already have a small sized that my son is 2, i give him the slices but long before his meal time..these slices are good as outdoor- food, filling, non-messy and tasty.

i have recently come across a nice way of giving veggies to my toddler..i make a puree of raw mixed-veggies like peas, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, spinach, carrots(and sometimes even french-beans) and churn it with cooked rice and soaked moong-daal to make dosa-batter. (little salt added) makes nice dosas (light green in color) and i decorate it with tomato ketchup kid loves them and i need not tell u how it makes my day to see him eating veggies


Lakme 2009-10-29 22:42:23


very useful informations related to cheese.

But i didnt get reply for my question i.e What has to be given for kids to increase their immunity power other than cheese.



apar_sai 2009-10-30 09:15:15



I had a problem after I moved to Blore. My 4 year old had repeated cold/cough (some allergy). I started him on Septilin syrup - Himalaya Ayurvedic - made of aamla and herbs. A 6 month course has worked wonders. Now even if his friends have some virus, he doesn't catch it.

Pls. check with your paediatrician. Most prescribe it if you ask them about it.






 Former member 2009-10-30 09:41:53


@Lakme - I already replied earlier -

To the best of my knowledge, Vitamin C helps develop a child's immune system.  Oranges, Sweet Lime, Lemon, Guava, etc.


NJ 2009-10-30 09:42:34


^ Thanks a lot for this info apar. I was giving my kid the AtoZ multivitamin for preventing cold and cough and only yesterday I read the label and saw that it contained propylene glycol which is a proven carcinogen. I shall definitely enquire my paediatrician about septillin syrup and replace the multivitamin with it.


leo 2009-10-30 13:06:49


hi Murli , Lakme, aanchal,sathya, una, apar_sai, deepika,NJ

thanks for all useful information.

Even my child has that same problem of catching cold and caugh now and then.

murli i have tried many times to give him orange , sweet lime juice but failed. 1st he dont wanna drink that. 2nd if i fourcedfully succeded on that he vomit. and about cheese as  i thought it is very fatty , so never try it to my child coz he is already overweight. doc. kept on telling me about his waight and also told me that fat dont allow the medicins works properly. and flabby body used to catch cold frequently and it wil take time to get rid of cold and cough bcoz of extra fat.

Nw i am following my mother policy i.e. i start givin him a misture of raw tulsi leaf juice and a drop of honey. before givin that misture i make it little warm. and believe me that really works. touch wood my son is quite ok now. and its really a relif.

eat healthy, think positive



aanchal 2009-10-30 14:37:53


yes leo, i guess cold and cough are bangalore kids' permanent problem..i too give tulsi-honey on a daily basis to my son and he is off the problem now..for better immunity, i also give turmeric-honey once a week....i rely on homeopathy for most of his problems..since his blood group is O+ (more prone to liver problems in future, as told by the doc) and most of the cough syrups have negative effect on liver, so for me honey is the cough syrup, with something crushed in it..home remedies work best for long term and frequently occuring cold-cough problems


leo 2009-10-30 15:19:41


hi aanchal,thanks for sharing. i didnt know turmeric can b given with honey. i use to mix it with neeam leaf juice and give him only once in a month.

my son is 1 .2 yr old. stomak infection has become a monthly routine for him. i almost do everythig to keep him, me ,the house, home environment higenic but dont know hw to prevent this. suggest me if there is any home based or homeopathy medicine.

eat healthy, think positive


aanchal 2009-10-30 15:29:57


homeopathy has pulsatilla 30 for general stomach infections..very effective

small kids tend to put everything in mouth coz of which they get stomach infections..but u need to be sure its an infection..has the dr confirmed it? also, what r the symptoms? loose motions/ vomiting/ lack of appetite/ stomach pain? coz difefrent symptoms can have different root cause, besides infection..different symptoms have different medicines too in home-remedies and homeopathy, unlike allopathy.


leo 2009-10-31 16:38:19



My baby usually suffers from loose motion. Stool is mostly foam based and its very smelly(rotten smell). There is no vomiting or lack of appetite. Due to infection ,his intestine gets loose and doc also says the same.

Doc usually prescribes Econorm and advices us not give lactose based food. So we go for Nusobee and Eassum.

Besides homeopathy is ather any home remody available?

Eath healty and think positive.


UmaNaren 2009-11-03 11:07:04


Hi Deepika,

What did you actually hear about Amul cheese?? Did they reason?? I hope u know 10 pounds of milk are used to make one pound of cheese!! Hence it's naturally nutrient dense.

U can choose natural cheese like cottage or cheddar over processed ones!! What is the food combo your son prefers with cheese? My kid loves cheese dosas, cheese idlies, sandwiches and rolls. I do add generous amount of cheese to my pastas and bakes though!!

Also talk to a good nutrionist!(not your peadiatrician)!! he/she can advise you food combos n recipes with cheese for kids.


UmaNaren 2009-11-03 12:05:35


 Hi Lakme,

No offense meant, but lack of immunity has got various factors to it. Not just food. A happy mother, a happy child!! A happy child is also a disease free child. A happy child lives in a happy family!!

Next, kids should play a lot! Lotsa outdoor activity, playing, running around is a must!! Winters, start early to the parks and leave before seven. Kid's need a lot of aerobic acitivity which is good for lungs. Dont hesitate to let your child soil his hand in sand. Toddlers do grow up with these intermittent cold and cough till age five. They must go thru certain set of infections as a part of the immunity building. Weekends, plan morning beach walks and outings since it's less crowded.

In the west, kids are sent to parties and play groups to get these infections and grow immune!! it's a part of growing up! U need not be concerned unless there's a severe weight loss or loss of appetite or activity!!

I agree with apar_sai on Himalaya's Septilin. I do administer Himalaya's Septilin and Koflet combo for my four yr old for cough, cold and sore throat. And it works!! But you need to keep your child on Septilin for a minimum of one year!! Himalaya's Septilin or Koflet is not recommended by any Docs for my child. It's my choice for my entire family.

Good hygiene is also very important. As is right food at the right time and right quantity! Never force feed ya child. Let ya child eat on her own. I personally do not prefer pureed food. Since ya child is a 2+, even mashing may not be essential. Child should feel the texture of the food!! Very important. Child must see, touch, feel and smell the food. Child should bite, nibble, chew and much and relish food as he/she eats!! But always stop when he/she doesn't want to eat!! Kid's will ask for food when hungry. Such should be the pattern. Dont take the food to the child. Let the child come and ask for food. Such children will love and appreciate food. They wont turn out to be fussy eaters either!! Your child is just a 2+! She cannot start eating all that we eat!! We gotta wait! They do learn a lot whence schooling!! Children see other kid's lunch and snack boxes and make new choices.....

Fruits and Milk should be stand alone foods. Dont mix them with other food groups. Set them aside for morning or evening snacks. Child and family must prefer 'local' seasonal fruits, veggies and produce over exotic imported ones! Our guava is anyday better than an imported kiwi fruit!!!

Dont force any food group just coz it's healthy!! Food choice and preference is hereditary and genetic!! sometimes, it's acquired!! You cannot force a southindian on a chapati or a roti meal!! like wise a northindian on a rice meal!! South Indian's digestive tract n system is tuned more to rice/ragi/jowar!! A North Indian's is more tuned to wheat based foods!! Food choice also comes from parents!!

Variety is indeed the keyword. Have rice and dal based meal for dinner. Wheat based for lunch. Ragi/Jowar/Oats for breakfast.

Your child must sit with you for all the meal times!! Eat together, as a family, breakfast, lunch and dinner!! It can get a lill messy, but it pays!! My child's been eating with us, all her meals always!! She's four and she can set the table for the meal time, rinse her plate and help me in tidyin the dininin area after meals. Touchwood, never fusses over food!! i've never cooked separate baby food for her!! She's been eating our food(food prepared for us, but less spicy) since her seventh month.

Include greens and sprouts everyday. Use lemon juice instead of tamarind extract in your dishes. green leafy coriander is an excellent antibacterial. use generous amount of finely chopped leafy coriander as a garnish. Lucky us, Indian food is indeed a balanced food! rich in herbs and spices. Also see if she likes Amla juice or  Amla and lemon juice!!

Talk to a good nutritionist for your doubts. I strongly recommend that. Children who're 6+ can take up Yoga.

I hope u find this informative!

Cheers and happy parenting.



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