Speech Delay, lack of attention and success stories

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jayshreenav 2011-09-20 22:47:25


Hi all,

I am sure many of us are sailing in the same boat : speech delay in our kids and hyperactivity. Can we all make a group discussion about the problem, the solution, and also many parents who have gone through the same situation and had success stories can join us. To start with my son is 2 years 4month old. he speaks only 2 words, does not respond to his name (no hearing problem), he will respond to word 'chocolate'. he is overactive, doesnt sit in one place.

MomOfAPddChild 2011-09-21 09:19:43


This might not be of concern but it is always to get it checked early than be sorry later. Mother's gut feeling about kid is never or seldom wrong. I suggest that you visit Dr Mahadeviah in Spastics soceity of karnataka to get ur child evaluated for any developmental problems just to rule out. If there is something you can always work else no problem


 Former member 2011-09-21 10:13:07


There is definitely a huge cause for concern should not be ignored developmental delays has to be dealth with rigorous therapies for your child and I can't stress how much early intervention is important, your child is young and lot of hopes to catch up with his normally developing peers.


VL 2011-09-21 11:42:46



There are already couple of threads on this.  You can join the below.  Many of us have already discussed quite a lot in these threads.

As spaceandtime mentioned, early intervention has  great advantage and helps in better progress. Ofcouse there is lots & lots of effort from our side. But these definitely pays






Neethi 2011-09-21 12:38:36


Hi Jayshree,

Iam a mother of a five yr old speech delayed kid..Life has been difficult eversince...iam dying to pin down my sucess story wit my child in the main lead.....

Ur kid is young..All the children tend to be active during this age...Its best if the term hyperactive is used by a qualified doctor..Lets not use  and label our kids that way....Try to seek ur kids attention...See what attracts him...Crayons, puzzles,storybooks,...Take him to parks,..long walks...explaining the things around in an innovative way....Seek his eye contact....

Diet wise,reduce sweets chocalates,cakes..which bring up energy levels....Never compare him with other kids as everychild has its own pace....No matter what people say or feel about him,always believe in him.....Appreciate him for his good behaviour...Give him a medium 2 relaese his extra energy...like running cycling....

Give ur kid some time to flourish and bloom...iam sure u will write down ur sucess story very soon...All the v best in ur efforts..............


jayshreenav 2011-09-21 16:40:49


Thanks Spaceandtime, VL, and Neethi for the replies. I agree with you about early intervention. He is already under speech therapy from past 4 months and occupational therapy from past 2 weeks. His eye contact has improved, he is understanding what i say, but has not yet started speaking more than 2 words.


 Former member 2011-09-22 09:47:36


Great jayshree keep it going, it take a long time to see improvement, we started seeing improvement in my child after an year of therapies, so it is a slow and long process, there are no quick results, do not get discouraged easily.


NandiniBala 2011-09-22 10:04:55


Hi Jayshree

I am mother of 7 yr old speech delayed kid. Initially we also went through a lots of stress, anguish, anxiety. But dont let go of ur hope at any point. Ofcourse it will take time depending on the severity. But you better dont stop taking efforts to make the process faster. From my experience, I can suggest u keep ur son with lots of people around, most importantly all of them should interact with him/her. Definitely speech and occupational therapy help a lot in improvement. And also put him in a school which gives a lot of attention. I could able to see my son improved in 8 months with only speech therapy and now he is doing very well in academics. Lastly, I would like to  tell u that late talkers are always very intelligent, very good example being the great scientist Albert Einstein who started talking only in 5 yrs. All the best and I am sure that u will soon post ur success story like us as well....




MomOfAPddChild 2011-09-22 10:50:57


Hi Nandini,

Nice to know about your success story. Its an inspiration

Which school does your child go to?

Mom Of PDD


NandiniBala 2011-09-22 10:58:40



We live in Dubai and i faced this problem when my child was 2 yrs and 9 months. Immediately we came to India, stayed there for 8 months and we gave him speech therapy from Dr.Subhavathy who works in Child Trust Hospital as speech therapist. She is a fantastic doctor. And with her guidance, I put him in a montessori school in Tnagar. After the treatment, I came back here and put him in a cbse school. He is extra ordinarily intelligent and doing very well in his studies. Thanks to God, we didnt waste time being here during that time, becos of which he couldnt have come to this level. So its always earlier the better. The problem might be mild, as in my son's case, but there's nothing u are going to lose by taking all these efforts.

BTW, we will be shifting to Chennai once for all in March..






 Former member 2011-09-22 11:21:09


Great story nandini, I have been child trust hospital in nungambakkam once, great hospital truely dedicted to service people. Wishing you all the very best for your child.


VL 2011-09-22 12:40:03


Hi Nandhini,

 Good to hear that you kid is doing very intellingent and doing in studies. Just wanted to know if your kid was only speech delayed or he had any other issues like lack of socialization, eye contact, echolalia or any behaviour related.

After 8 months of speech thearpy itself he started talking normally?




NandiniBala 2011-09-22 12:53:23



Before we first realised that he is having speech delay, he was going to a nursery here in Dubai and only his teacher found out that something is wrong as he was not talking a single word at school (at 2.5 yrs of age) and showing only actions. She only suggested that we visit a speech therapist in India. Then only we could realise that he is having developmental delay. Here I have to mention that right from beginning he was having developmental delays (like crawling, walking etc. becos of which we couldnt mind his speech delay) he had eye contact but had socializing problems to some extent ..like he cannot mingle in  a group easily like other kids. he will be adamant that others should get adjusted to him (still he has that problem to some extent).

yeah, after 8 months of vigorous speech therapy and montessori schooling, he picked up very fast and started talking fluently. I feel probably the reason behind in his case would be the loneliness here...all the time he will be seeing only his parents and lack of opportunity to socialize...(often we are not informed of all these becos of first kid)



jayshreenav 2011-09-22 22:53:33


thanks nandini for the positive note. how many days in a week did ur son had therapy? was he given any home programme to be done by u? did he have lack of attention too like not finishing task fully, not sitting in one place for few minutes something like this?


NandiniBala 2011-09-23 12:39:56


Hi Jayshree

I used to take him for 5 days a week for sppech therapy alone. He was not able to sit in a place for few minutes, had lack of concentration and all.She used to give special activities for that. And reg home programme, the only thing she said was to keep on talking to him and not leave him alone. Since my inlaws were there, the task became quite easy. But I should say the severity in my son's case was much lower compared to the other kids whom I used to see in the clinic. That might be one of the reasons he could get over it in a short period of time. So this will vary from kid to kid depending on the nature of the problem. In any case, my opinion is earlier detection of the problem and proper treatment defnitely helps.





ritwik 2011-09-23 13:56:28


hi nandinibala

thnx for this detailes information. i want to know some more things..

what charges they take for therapy? do they take charges per sitting or it depends on the severity of the case.?

do the  kids cooperate during the therapy with the doctor?






NandiniBala 2011-09-23 15:03:28


Hi Kajal

They charged 150 rs per day ..(this s 4 yrs back...i dont know the current rate) The rate is the same irrespective of the severity, but the kind of treatment only will vary depending on the kid. Slowly, the kids will get adjusted with the therapy and cooperate with the doctor in course of time.I am not sure whether that doctor is still there with that hospital in Chennai.Anyway if u want to find out, the doctor name is Mrs.Subhavathy and she works in Child Trust hospital, Nungambakkam, Chennai.




salmed929 2011-09-24 10:04:11


 can any one plz helpme im seeking a centre in mumbai wre adhd can be diagnoise cz my 3yr old son has mild adhd he is also having delay in speech.and theres no hearing problem


spsbhardwaj 2011-09-29 14:28:09


 hey all,

u hv started a gud discussion.......i think alot of parents are facing d same problem with their kids.even i am sailing in same boat......my on who is 2.7 speaks a lot of words.......he speaks every word when i asked him to speak........bt problem is he do nt take initiative of his own ...............like he knw numbers frm 1-10 bt he do nt speak when i recite he copies me..,whenever any relative comes at our place like his chachu etc.he knws that he is his chachu bt he would call him chachu at his own .................he take initiative in speaking fr only some words............he is sharp..understands everything.........his vocabulary in increasing also............bt i dont knw hw to encourage him to speak..................plz give me ur opinions regarding this.........

thanks a lot



 Former member 2011-09-30 09:51:23


salmed check out http://ummeed.org/ im mumbai they are really good center.

prathibha which city are you in consult a speech therapist or better developmental paediatrician as soon as possible to rule out AsD.


spsbhardwaj 2011-09-30 17:56:12


hi spaceandtime.........

we r living in ambala............we do nt hv any speech therapist here bt we hv consulted frm pediatric and he said everything is normal and he will start speaking soon....i hv also read d symptoms of AsD and he do nt hv any of that.................actually we r lin nuclear family he hs no one to speak or talk except me........before 3 or 4 months he ws speaking only a few words bt nw he speaks everthing bt only when someone other speaks .like if u ask him to speak  anything he will speak bt dont try to use those words every time....................he is very friendly n interact wid  everyone.................i can't understand whts his problem...........is he ok or i am overreacting for his speechdelay...........i am really confused.




Roljan23051998 2015-07-05 12:16:19


Hi I am looking fr regular schools which caters to adhd children in bhandup mulund area any ideas

Saju14 2015-07-06 23:38:54


Hi jayasree, I read all your threads put on 3 years back regarding speech delay of ur baby. I would like to know his current status. How ur boy is speaking now?

pr18 2017-09-15 05:58:07


Hi Nandini, My 3.7 year old boy speaks lot of words like choclate,bye, hi, say hi, just sit, sit down, come, go up,finish,jump,smile , 1 to 20, A to Z, A for Apple till Z for Zebra but he began to speak at 3, he was independently sitting at 5 months, holding his head by 2.5 months only, turning was late at 8 months, creating also by 10 months, standing by 11 and walking by 14 months. He was not pointing till 3 but was showing only actions, now he started pointing but mostly stretches his hand to ask somethings, now he started asking things by name also like juice, milk, toffee, biscuit. He paddles his tricycle independently and has sense of direction and he is cautious. But he is way behind peers of his age, when we are not paying attention to him he will run here and there or lie down, he likes to go to park,malls and he enjoys watching tv and even movies in hall, but he throws lot of tantrums when we don't get him what he wants, he is not fully toilet trained yet, he likes to scribble, he goes to slides also, he doesn't easily mingle with kids, he loves to see kids playing and play with one or two kid only if they are jumping and running. He doesn't follow all instructions I doubt whether he understands or not but some instructions he understands , his eye contact is good but not always turn his head on calling but when you say Chocolate or toffee he will turn , or when his father calls him after coming from office while he is in park he will turn. I am really confused with his behavior, I have recently shifted to US but here I don't like it, I have taken behavior pediatrician appointment but it is after 2 months. He shows all emotions. He can eat food with hand, with fork n spoon it is somewhat difficult to him which is a concern for me. He was going to a preschool where he was improving now I have put him in a preschool here . My biggest worry is that I hope he is not mentally retarded because I have read that people with autism have high hopes for recovery but people with gglobal developmental delay has less or maybe I am just naive in this

shiba123 2017-09-17 00:36:44


Hi PR,

whatever u mentioned matched exactly with my daughter. She is diagnosed as moderate autism. As of now she is going to play school and speech therapy. 

pr18 2017-09-17 07:53:46


Hi shiba123, even I feel it's autism but I don't think it is moderate, it should be mild because if kids are running their tricycle independently and have good eye contact, I never encountered any meltdowns, he has no fixed routines, I never got any complains from school also, I have seen him sitting properly in classroom and watching board when teachers are teaching, there is no stimmimg or walking on toes.

pr18 2017-09-17 07:57:09


Also he is not sensitive to any noise or lights or texture

Saivenu4969 2017-11-11 06:23:44


Hi Jaysree, how is your kid doing now?

14nitasha 2018-09-27 11:10:08


Hi.moms plz help me out.i m very scared.my daughter is turning 3 after 2 days but yet she speaks only 2 3 words at a time means she can't form sentences.also she doesn't sit in a place.she sometimes becomes very rigid.she doesnt respond to her name .she has gone through child psycatrist he diagnosed her with developmental delay.plz suggest some way or school or therapy for my kid in Delhi. Thank you

Kingbsm05 2018-10-01 12:48:05


Hi pr18, I am writing this post after you originally posted a year ago when your son was 3 years and 7 monts. Its been a year now. May I know how is he doing now. What is the progress? I can relate my son to yours somewhat. Please respond.


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