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NVK 2011-08-09 15:27:58


Hello Friends,

my son will be 3 years in a few days. His height is 92 cms and he weighs approx. 12 kilos. Is this the right height and weight for a 3 years old boy.

yesterday i had taken my son to the park, where i came a cross a kid who was about 2.8 years, but he was actually quite taller than my son and his built was also much better than my kiddo. This made me really worry about my son's health.

however, in his school, almost all his classmates are more or less of his height, perhaps a bit healthier than him though!

a piece of advise would be of great help, i look forward to it...

Cheers !!!

durbajha 2011-08-16 13:18:09


 Hi NVK,

My son will be 3 on 26th Sept and he too is almost of the same height. Last time I took his measurement a couple of days back, he was approx 93/94 cm and he is around 13.5 kgs. So it looks that they are around the same height which as you mentioned is similar to most of his classmates. Do get his height and weight plotted in the chart ( it is available in this website) and check if that they lie in the normal range (which I am sure it would).

Regarding the other younger child that you saw in the park, may be his parents are really tall and well built?  I too have seen a few Indian kids who are younger yet taller than my son and most  cases their parents too are much taller than average Indians. Also I am in UK and here l have seen many kids same as his height but a year younger!!!! At these times I get really worried about his height but then try and re-assure my self that we have different body structures than them.

We are very average height (i am 5'3" and husband is 5'9") so I really wouldnt expect my son to be following a height pattern to reach 6 feet as adult height. 

Every kid has a different growth pattern and each will attain their adult height at some point, some earlier and some later.

Hope this helps:)



NVK 2011-08-18 12:53:43


Hi Durbajha!

thanks for your response. yes, of course your mail was of great help.

i checked my son's weight and height on the chart  on this site. it shows as fairly normal.

my husband is 5'10" and i'm 5'2" and thats quite a normal height going by the Indian standards

actually, my worry is he is not a food lover, hates milk and is not ready even to take one sip, hates milk products except ghee and curd. cant give him curd all the while, since he gets prone to cough and cold then. all these factors make me worried. being a working woman, its difficult to keep a tab on his daily routine. though i dont have any doubts that my in laws take very good care of him, yet i'm worried if all needed nutrients for a growing child is being consumed by him or no ...

he's a lean but an active and cheerful baby. 

yet keep hearing, he's so weak, kitna kamzor hain, etc. types of nagging sentences from people who have absolutely no contribution in his upbringing. this makes me very worried and disturbed. i tend to loose my confidence

anyways, thanks again for your kind response and wish you a great day :)




kktobe 2011-08-23 13:36:09




My boy is 2 years of age.. hes 92 cm in height and 13.7 kg in weight. He's always been a big boy although wasnt huge at birth. My hubby is 5'11" and I'm 5'4".

About your boys nutritional needs, make sure hes getting plenty of protien from all sources possible. As long as they are happy and healthy it doesnt matter, really.



Aahvi 2022-07-26 08:01:52


Hi There, I am mum of 3 year old. I saw your 10 year old post. Co-incident is that I am facing same worry and tension which you were 10 years back. my Son is approx 92-93 cm height with 13.5 kg weight When i see in my circle similar age kids they look taller than him my height is 5,2.5 my husband height is 5,10. Being working mom i always feel i am lacking somewhwere, eventhough i work frm home . i alwas hear from people that" bahot chota dikhta hai nai" just asking, now your son would be 13 year old. so how's his height and physic?


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