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aanchal 2009-10-15 10:47:59



recently, my husband said something that changed my entire way of how i look at my way of mothering..thought, would share..

one fine day he came from office and said he was very tensed..we sat down to talk..what he told me about his office tensed me up too..just then our 2 year old rushed inside the room and jumped on him lovingly and my husband said "ye mera tension-diffuser hai" (he is my tension-diffuser)..they started playing and i could see him more relaxed..had i been in his place, i would have faked a smile at my son to show he is allowed to jump at me anytime, but secretly i would have wanted him to play on his own so that i could share my feelings with an adult-mind..

we mothers tend to get overburdened by the non-stop 24*7 household chores..unconsciously we take things to be done with and for kids as 'chores' too..just a slight change in how i look at my son now, has improved a lot between us.

it would be great to know if has your husband said or done something that has changed your perspective as a mother.

DivyaRaj12 2009-10-15 12:20:25


Hi Aanchal,

So very true.....we get so immersed in our daily chores that we forget to look beyond the obvious....and in the bargain sometimes forget to enjoy their childhood!!!

Actually in my place, I am the one who is more chilled....and I keep telling my hubby to let go....and enjoy all the pranks that our little princess plays!!! But he said something interesting a few days ago,which really surprised me. We have been managing without a maid for the last 1 week...and have been getting really stressed.....with loads of work to do throughout the day!!! But one day, in the midst of all this stress, my hubby told me - "You know all these 15 months, this 1 week is the time where I have gotten really close to my daughter...........doing all her small chores and playing silly games with her!!"

And at the back of my mind, I was actually glad that we had this 1 week all to ourselves!!!



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