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mittal 2011-06-29 16:54:57


hi all,

I am worried mom. My son  is 3.8 yrs and  in Jr. Kg.  He is hyperactive - can't sit at one place..though he knows everything..alphabets, nos, pattern writing, etc..he does the same at home..

BUT...he does not pay attention in the class...does not reply to his teacher..not at all filling worksheets which is given in the  class...

I am working mother..but it gives me immence pain when I receive such complains from school..can anyone help me so that I can make him learn to take interest in the class..

Pleasssssssssssse help..

aanchal 2011-06-29 17:58:16


check out these links


Veerichetty 2011-07-25 20:56:36


Hi Aanchal,

    my daughter is having difficulties paying attention to class and in doing her reading and writing. We have been intimated by her class teacher that she is lacking concentration. She studies Sr. K.G and genuinely needs professional help in overcoming this problem.

Kindly let us know, how can we get in touch with you, for a consultation.

Thanks in Advance,

Veerichetty & Valliammai (Parents).

Our email:


aanchal 2011-07-28 16:47:38


please dont give out your email ids on public forums. you should always give emails in personal msg only.

veerichetty: have sent you a mail

monica: change of boards can be a problem especially if a child has to suddenly learn a new language. you should use phonetic method to teach him both hindi and english. hindi is a simple language. you read what you write. english is a complicated language in that sense. teach him the concept of vowels (and swar) by showing how the tongue, teeth, lips, throat lines dont touch with each other at all while saying a, aa, i, ee, e, o, oo, etc. similarly consonants(vyanjans) require a touch. will send you some phonetic sheets to help you teach him. also,  help him practice hindi letters more, as he might be less familiar with the letters and could be finding it very confusing. dont stick to just one method of book reading and writing. buy flash cards, charts, sand paper cutouts, to read, trace and write the letters. use multi sensory approach for writing. use chalks to write on black boards, magnet pencils to write on magic slates, fingers to trace on wet sand. give him wool and ask him to make letters on stick board. or give him colored stones to create the letter on floor. the basic idea is to make learning a new language fun.


monaved 2011-07-29 10:21:22


Hey Anchal...thanks a ton for your reply...looking forward for the sheets from you.

Hope you have my e-mail id..i have deleted the above post as couldnt find the edit option to remove the e-mail id from the post.

Request you if you can keep me posted on new methods of teaching my son, which will be of fun to him.

Thanks again!





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